Friday, January 11, 2008

Looking into my crystal ball....

Yes I know it is a Friday night and I should be out doing...something but I know you all couldn't wait for a new blog! So here I am writing for the three people that actually read this! Well, at lunch today some of the other teachers and I were talking about horoscopes, fortune tellers, the future, things like that and I've never been one to actually follow my horoscope but I thought I might look it up tonight and see what lies ahead in my future. (Hey I need all the help I can get)

Now only which one to I follow my birth sign, my Chinese sign, my numerology, or hey there is always tarot readings!! Heck why not tr them all... like I said, I need the help!

Aries- Alright lets see what lies in my future....Apparently my day tomorrow will be a calm one. I wonder if this will occur before or after I try to gather and make everything for Linger Longer on Sunday since my co-chair is of no help in that area. boring, boring, boring oh here we go, I see that I need to take a short trip to catch up with friends far away. Hum wonder where that could be???

Aries love scope-oh yippee, I will get anything I set my eyes upon. Hum, If it only worked that easy! boring, boring, more boring stuff.....lets see, something about scattering my seeds but it must be done in a practical way....what does gardening have to do with love??? Am I so helpless in the love area that they have to mix in seeds? Hum. Not too promising in this area... but then again I already knew that! :)

Pig- According to the Chinese calendar I deserve to enjoy some comforts this weekend. So I must indulge in my favorite foods, people, and activities. But yet I must conserve my money.... whats a girl to her money or indulge in her favorites??? I guess this won't be too hard 'cause sadly all my favorite people are not here with me! :( Maybe a new pair of shoes will make me feel better???

4- So as a number 4 it looks like this month I will be placed in situations where I will have the opportunity to actually teach the things that I have spent so much time working on...hum could they be right? Maybe I should quit my day job and become a teacher??? After I do this, I must realize that I have a lot to offer people on an intellectual level, well that part I already knew :)

K last but not least, lets see what the cards see for the future.....I got the Justice card, The Star, and The Empress. I guess with these cards, it looks like my destiny is on the right track. The empress is trying to keep the path nice and smooth. However, I feel as if it's been a little bumpy lately. The star is giving me the optimism I need to make me feel like I'm on top of things, even though I might not be. The justice card is keeping me in the right frame of mind. Therefore, I must adopt the right attitude for overcoming all forms of adversity and pressure. Hum, I don't know if I am keeping the right attitude or frame of mind at this point in my life but maybe I should start???

Well, overall my future looks.....pretty boring! Except for the whole seeds thing, that could be pretty interesting! I'm looking forward to that. I'll have to keep you all posted on how that goes when it happens!


Sarah said...

A new pair of shoes always makes a girl feel better! Love the post! You're hillarious! Oh and I am interested to see how the whole seed scattering thing goes too.