Sunday, January 17, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

So today I was thinking that I have way too many "guilty pleasures". Now a guilty pleasure is considered something that you enjoy and then feel guilty or slightly embarrassed for doing it. Most people always have at least one. And you know you all do! So what are your "guilty pleasures"? Well here are a few of mine:

1. Watching reality TV competitions. My favorites are Worst Cook's in America, Project Runway, and of course...The Bachelor. Maybe I just love a scandal that has nothing to do with me!!! :)

2. Making chocolate chip cookies but mostly eating all the dough and only making a few cookies!

3. Watching stupid shows like the Kardashians, Guiliana and Bill, and anything with celebrity gossip instead of sports with my husband. And then I totally impress Derick with my knowledge of which athletes are married or dating whom!

4. Playing guitar hero and other girly games when I have time to myself!

5. Going shoe shopping-- which I haven't done since I got married by the way....But oooh I so want to!

6. Making a deal with my husband that whenever I work out he gives me a back rub! And if I work out all week then he..... well I can't reveal that part of the deal! (keep your mind out of the gutter!)

7. Watching sappy romance movies and reading sappy love stories over and over again!

8. Blog stalking!!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

A year in review

So it's been a crazy past couple of months, let alone a crazy year. I saw on a friends blog that she did a year in review by looking back at each month and thought it would be fun to do, so here it goes...

January: Celebrated the New Year with my family in California and went right back to work!

February: Ended up getting Lasik done while on track break and couldn't believe how painless and easy it all ways.

March: Went on my first date with Derick to the Timp. Canyon and celebrated my 26th birthday.

April: Went to California Adventure with Tina and Kate for Spring Break. Also went to Arizona for a few weeks to celebrate Dakota's 1st birthday! Derick graduated from SUU!!

May: Derick moved to his parents' house in Lehi and got a job at Westlake High as a special ed teacher!

June: Derick and I went to Lake Powell with Meg and Colby for a few days. Derick proposed one night when we went on a hike. We decided we wanted to get married in August before school started again! Derick's sister-in-law Lindy has her baby and we got a new niece- Ava!

July: The school year ended and we went home to California so my family could meet Derick. Had fun with the family and celebrated 4th of July. Also went to Bear Lake with all of Derick's family for a week!

August: Derick and I decided to still have our reception on the 7th and enjoyed celebrating with all of our family and friends! We got our sealing clearance a few days later and got married in the Timp. Temple on the 13th! The next weekend we left for Manti for opening weekend of the Bow Hunt. We also celebrated Derick's 27th birthday.

September: School started for Derick and I. Not too much else going on. Just loving married life.

October: I went to Park City with the girls for a fun weekend. Derick's sister-in-law Andrea had her baby and we got another niece- Kendall! And thankfully it was time for a track break!

November: I went back to work for a few weeks before Thanksgiving break. Derick's Aunt Allison threw a fun New Moon party and we all went to see the movie! We were able to move into our own condo finally!!! My parents were able to come up from California to get sealed in the Manti temple. Derick and I had fun celebrating Thanksgiving with his family as well as mine!

December: Derick and I got settled into our own place. We even painted! We went to lots of Christmas parties for Derick's family. It was difficult with my family being here but it was fun to celebrate Christmas with Derick's family. Derick did great filling my stocking and being Santa! We are very blessed for such a wonderful year together!