Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2 month check up

Wow I can't believe Kaylie is more than 2 months now! She is seriously growing like a weed. She changes everyday and has already changed so much since she was born! Here's her stats from yesterday's doctor visit.

Height: 24 inches long
Weight: 12 lbs 8 oz
Head circ.: 16 inches

Doctor said she is in the 80th-90th percentile in everthing! Like I said she's my big girl. Doctor said she looked great though! She has been hitting all the 2 month milestones like smiling, recognizing mommy and daddy's faces, grabbing at things, and lifting her head really well. She has a mild case of thrush but the doctor said it should go away soon. She did so good at the doctor's office! She drank the stuff so good with her pacifier and was still smiling when the first shot when in, but as soon as the next two came she started screaming! But she was such a brave girl and only cried for about 2 minutes and then fell asleep in the car. I had to go to a quick Relief Society Meeting and when I got home she was screaming. I mean bloody murder screaming! Derick said she woke up and he fed her 2 ounces and as soon as that was gone it was like she realized that her legs hurt! So I put her into a warm bath and that calmed her right down. Then I put on her fuzzy jammies and put my rice heating pad on her and she fell right asleep. That was 8:30 last night and she didn't wake up until 6:30 this morning! What a rough day yesterday I guess!

Here's a few fun things about Kaylie:

*She has been sleeping 8+ hours most nights

*She eats about 4-5 oz each feeding and does so good with the bottle

*She loves Denise the baby sitter but was so nervous the first day she wouldnt take her eyes off her so she would take a nap-needless to say she slept so good that night!

*She loves her swing and is getting better at putting herself to sleep without mommy holding her or sucking on a bottle

*She loves her play mat and loves to kick things

*Loves when mom sings song or plays the glow worm at bedtime and always falls alseep to them

*Hates daddy's wiskers when he rubs them on her tummy or cheek!

* Loves to stick her tongue out! She does it all the time lately!

*She loves bath time. She absolutely loves the warm water!

She is seriously like her daddy! They both have these wierd floopy sock things they do. Her fit are so long and skinny that I cant find any socks to fit her. Plus she kicks them off all the time!

She is starting to smile! I love this! She loves to talk and coo all the time especially after she wakes up from a nap or when I give her some naked time! (with diaper on of course cause this girl has given daddy and mommy too many surprises when the diaper comes off!)

She loves fuzzy things! She practically attacked her bear when it was next to her! The other day she had turned in her swing and was licking the fuzzy blanket underneath her!

Here's all of Kaylie's silly faces she's been giving me lately! Love this girl!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Our little Kaylie was blessed on Sunday, January 1, 2012

She looked so adorable in her blessing outfit that Brittany and my mom picked out! It was a 3-6 month dress and I was shocked that it fit her perfectly and she's only 2 months! Her tights were a little baggy and she constantly kicked her shoes off but all in all she looked cute! I also made her blessing blanket. I've made a few for my neices/nephews so I knew I needed to do one for Kaylie and it turned out pretty good!
I love this picture! It shows just how long her legs are! She's my little string bean but yet has some pudgey rolls! Derick did an amazing job. Her blessing was so sweet. Derick said she squirmed the whole time but didn't make a sound!

Afterwards we went back to our clubhouse and had cinnamon rolls, juice, and fruit. And of course Kaylie got passed around and got held by all her grandparents and great grandparents. I'm bummed we didn't get a whole group shot of everyone who came but Kaylie was surrounded by lots of loved ones on her special day.

I know it was a bad day, being that it was New Years Day and of course our ward had just switched to the 9 am hour but I am still grateful for those that were able to make it. We know things come up and you can't try and please everyone but it was nice to have family around since my parents and siblings couldn't be there. Derick and I and now Kaylie are truly blessed with some amazing family and friends. Thanks everyone for making Kaylie's day great! We will always remember this special day! Love you all!

Christmas Time!

Sorry this post is long overdue. But with all the craziness of the holidays, Kaylie's blessing, and going back to work, it really has been tough finding time to write it all down! I hope everyone had a fun Christmas! I know we did. It was especially fun having Kaylie with us this year. We went to lots of work, friend, and family parties the week of Christmas. It was good just spending time with everyone! On Christmas Eve we went to Derick's grandma's house for the annual party where Santa comes and brings his little elf Bert. It's always a fun time with everyone there. Kaylie was wide awake the whole time until Santa got there so needless to say she slept on Santa's lap! But hey it's better than screaming right?

Ava, Ila, and Kaylie got these cute pink dogs from Santa and they all loved them! Ava thought it was the best thing that their dogs were matching!
Kaylie opened her first pair of Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve and wore them to the party. They were 3 months and only a tiny bit big! It reminds me that she is getting so much bigger all the time!
Kaylie and her buddy Ava! Ava absolutely adores baby Kaylie! She smiles everytime she sees her! She loves to give her kisses, tickles, and she always makes sure she has her blankie on!

Kaylie got passed around lots and was so exhausted that she slept in until 8! Which gave mommy and daddy time to sleep in and eat a yummy breakfast. When we went to get her out of her crib she was wide awake and so happy! She got lots of stuff in her stocking from Santa and loved her little wrist rattles!

She also got lots of darling clothes. Here is her cute pink dress from Aunt Terra

And her cute jammies from Aunt Andre

My mom got her this cute purple church dress!We got Kaylie this cute play mat. She hasn't quite starting grabbing at things yet but boy does she love to kick. We put a bird chime from Aunt Lindy on there and she loves to kick it and make it chime!

Here is Kaylie's stash of Christmas presents! Thanks for spoiling her everyone!

She loves this little glow worm she got from aunt Kristi. I remember when I had one when I was little and it's so cute to see Kaylie with hers. She loves it in her crib and loves to listen to the music and then she zonks right out!

Yes Derick and I also go presents! LOL I got Derick and dehydrater to make jerky and he got me a cartridge for my cricket with baby things on it so I can scrap all about Kaylie! Overall we had a great time with family and friends and Kaylie!