Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October Projects

Derick always says I have way too many projects going on. I've always got some kind of sewing project or crochet project or scrapbook project that I am working on. So I told Derick that I could get it all done within the 3 weeks that I am off track. So far I've been off for a week and a half and I'm almost done with my crochet project (which I can show cause it just might be a present for someone). My next project was going to be some kind of Halloween table runner, but then I got a cute spiderweb one and decided to turn the project into pillows. So of course I got to work while Derick was out of town for the weekend.

This is my first Halloween pillow. On this one I just stitched and little picture and then used fabric. Turned out pretty cute I think!

This was my second Halloween pillow. On this one I got a little creative and decided to use fabric, ribbon, black lace, white tool, and even black buttons. (I think Derick likes the back better!)

My next project (which I tell Derick is a continuous, never ending project) is my scrapbooking. I have so many pictures and pages to do that I've been trying to make lists. ( I think it helps me to see things getting crossed off) Since I finished my "Williquette Family Scrapbook" I moved on to my "Schmidt Family Scrapbook". Which turned out pretty cute! But I can't wait to add more to it. I love having both of them done so that now everytime I get new pictures all I have to do is print them off and glue them in.

The next things on my scrapbooking list is a scrapbook of all the Trips I've taken mixed with all the fun things I've done with my family when I went home during summers and off track times. So I am doing tennis with Brittany and Donny, going to the Cavaliers/Jazz game with Donny, Sarah's baptism, and lots of others. Keep posted for more pictures, oh and to my sisters...please send me lots more pictures of the kids!