Sunday, April 26, 2009

The start of something wonderful!

Monday started my first week of my last track break. It's k
ind of bittersweet. Yes I'm excited for it to be track break so I can be on vacation but I am not excited that this two weeks is my last track break of the year. And that means its 9 more weeks until the end of the school year! Yuck! But let's not look at the bad stuff! Cause right now I'm on vacation!! 
So Wednesday I headed down to Cedar City to hang out with Derick for a while before I had to get to Las Vegas. While I was there I got to meet all of his friends, we went on a hike, went to Derick's tennis practice at the high school, and went to eat. Then I headed down to Chelsea's house to spend some time with them. 

It was fun playing with Chelsea's little girl Karlee and talking with Chels. It was fun reminiscing about old college roommates and the fun things we did. 

I stayed there Thursday and got to go with them to story time at the library and the park. Then I left on Friday for Arizona.  Saturday we got up and went on a hike of Thumb Butte. 

It was a fun hike (steep on the way up but nice and relaxing on the way down) and you could see all the way out into the valley. It was cool. 
Today we just went to church, had some yummy elk roast, played ladder golf, and watched movies. I just can't say it enough--I love vacation!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Enough already

Well I guess it's true what they say..."When one thing goes all goes bad!" Friday morning I woke up with a horrible pain in my stomach. Thinking it was only cramps, I got in the shower hoping to make it feel better. Well it didn't. It turned into about 40 minutes of throwing up. I called a few girls from work hoping to find someone to sub for me but no luck. I barely made it through blow drying my hair and put on the bare minimum amount of makeup to make me at least look decent. I barely made it to work on time. Thank goodness it was only a half day at school. And that goodness for Magic School Bus movies! LOL Well then through the weekend it turned into a horrible cough and a bad sore throat. I also got a stye in my eye and now my nose and eyes itch and I've been sneezing all day probably due to allergies. Gosh, can't a girl have enough already??? :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break

Last year for spring break, a couple of girls from work and I decided that since it's the only time we all have a break together, we would go to California and hit Disneyland. So of course this year we decided to continue that tradition. But this time hit California Adventure. (Yes since we are teachers we can only afford one park at a time! LOL) So Tina, Kate, and I left Wednesday afternoon after school got out. We decided to drive down to Las Vegas and stay the night there instead of driving all the way through. We stayed at the Stratosphere but decided that we wanted to meet up with another teacher from work and see the Bellagio fountains and the flowers. Of course we took silly pictures and laughed so hard we all were about to pee our pants! Thursday we drove down to Temecula (a small town between LA and San Diego) where Kate had family. So we decided to hit the mall and get lots of good food. That night we headed to our hotel in Anaheim. Friday it was supposed to rain so we decided to go to the LA temple, which is amazing inside, get pedicures, walk the Santa Monica pier, and see a movie. Saturday we got up and went to California Adventure. None of us had been there but it turned out to be fun. I loved to roller coaster and Soaring over California but boy did Tower of Terror freak me out! But don't worry I still went on it twice! :) Over all we had a blast but I was sure exhausted after that weekend! But hey, three more days and here comes another vacation...Arizona here I come!!