Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fun Filled Summer... Sorry it's over

This summer has been full of activity! Derick and I had lots of fun doing things together once school got out! Of course we did the annual Bear Lake trip with the Milne’s! Anything involving water and being outside is always good for me! This year we spent lots of time on the beach of the Lake. Derick and I did the wave runners and even played with Cooper and Ava in the Sand.
Last year I got a hole in one on the 18th hole and won a free game. This year Derick did that and beat me! Ava was so cute with her golf ball and every time I asked Cooper what he got on the hole it was 4. I think that was his favorite number for the week.

We went to Manti for 24th of July (pioneer day here in Utah) and camped out. Last year I told Derick that if I caught a fish I would cut it. (of course I had no clue what this entailed) So I freaked out and didn’t do it. This year he was cute and bought me my own fishing pole! So I was bound and determined to catch something. After a long weekend of nothing I finally caught one. I screamed and yelled for Derick to see and help me and of course he is no where around. So as I am trying to get Derick’s attention, what does my fish do??? JUMP OFF and SWAM AWAY! Of course Derick didn’t believe me but I did gut one fish that he caught! Well I was wearing gloves but hey at least I did it right???

We also had a lot of fun in Manti for the opening day of the bow hunt. It turned out to actually be warm with just a little bit of rain here and there. But over all it was lots of fun and a pretty relaxing weekend. Of course I was still too chicken to go down the zip line. Who knows maybe in a few years! LOL

I’ve also spent a lot of time scrapbooking and sewing. A few years ago my sister Kristi made me a scrapbook of the kids. So I decided to take all the extra paper and add some new, up to date pictures of the kids. I also had to add little Jonathan to it all! But I think so far it’s pretty cute and I even left some blank pages to add more pictures each time I get some! I also scrapbooked some pictures that were long overdue for it. For example, college pics! Yes college was about 7-10 years ago!

I also did some from when I lived in Vegas. I’m trying to get everything caught up before I start a scrapbook of Derick and I. Who knows, it might take one more year of being married before I get to it! LOL. Next on my list is Terra’s family and all my pics of Dakota! But first I have to finish my quilt! Look forward to many more pics!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

A Year Already!

Wow I can't believe Derick and I have been married for a year already! But it truly has been a great year. Derick and I both had the day off so we went to a nice lunch at Chili's (where we had our first date) and then Derick was a sweetheart and went and saw a girl movie with me. We didn't do anything over the top or go on any special trips but this was perfect for Derick and I. Any day that I can just spend with Derick is great. He also surprised me with a roses. (He claims he's not romantic but he really is!)

That is just 1 thing I've learned about Derick and I truly have learned so much each and

everyday. And I couldn't be more grateful for this year with him. I started looking back and thinking of all the things that have happened this year. Here are a few things I've realized, am grateful for, or have enjoyed with Derick.

1. I never could have thought I'd love someone as much as Derick. I'm thankful for this year with just he and I. We've loved spending time together and have gotten to know each other so well. He shocks me everyday and I'm still finding out more things about him that I love.

2. I love and am grateful for Derick's fun sense of humor. He balances my stressed, organized life with fun and spur of the moment things. He's taught me to let things go and to have fun in all things. 1 thing that shocked me is this:

Yes, Derick really wears his socks like this around the house! :) He really makes me laugh!

3. I've learned a lot about compromise. Derick and I have similar personalities but we've learned how to give and take in different circumstances. We've learned that we aren't trying to change each other but that we are willing to let go and do things a different way. (yes I've learned that my way is not always the best way!)

4. I love being a wife. I really do love cooking and taking care of things around the house and my husband. But like everyone else I definitely have my days, and I'm thankful when Derick steps up and does the cooking or takes care of things for me.

5. I love to lay around the house and veg with my husband. Most of the time Derick is out watching sports but I love to cuddle up with him or read a book while he's watching TV. Yes sometimes I bug him (but that's what a wife is for right?) :) But I love when I'm watching TV in the bedroom and he comes to see me and cuddle for a minute.

6. I've always liked going on trips and new places but since marrying Derick I have done so many new things I can't even keep track. I've loved going camping, riding the motorcycle, going to Bear Lake, and yes I've loved watching sports!

It's been great being married to Derick!