Sunday, January 20, 2008

Nike +, My new favorite toy!

So I am not big on New Years resolutions, the main reason being that my goal for the year is always the same, loose weight. And it never seems to happen. My biggest problem is that I get so bored when I workout. But...I found a solution to this problem! It's called Nike Plus! And I love it!

My Nike + keeps track of how fast you run, how many miles, and even lets you sync to the internet where it keeps track of your runs and goals. Oh and the best thing, I can download workouts where its like having a running coach with you and some pretty good music that goes with your workout.

I have been running nonstop since I got my shoes on Wednesday. Now I just need someone else who has the nike + so that we can compete and challenge one another! So let me know if you are interested! But hey, I'll understand if you can't take the heat!!


Shane and Ana said...

That's awesome, Sheryl, and I might have to take you up on that challenge. I have been looking at those for about a year and, since Santa brought Nessa an I-Pod this year, now I can start. Of course, I can't run for a few more months, but I'll let you know. The competition will push me.

WilliquetteFamily said...

GOOD! You finally got your shoes!! I'm glad they work good!!!

WilliquetteFamily said...

P.S. i love the new background!

Sarah said...

I've looked at these shoes so many times! I'm so jealous! Run your heart out!!!