Sunday, July 31, 2011

Family Pictures

A few weeks ago we went and did some quick family pictures since Jason and Andrea were here this summer. It was the first time we had all been together in a long time so it was fun to have everyone together. It's crazy that in November there will be another little Milne running around! Oh and for everyone who hasn't heard- we have decided to name her Kaylie Ann Milne!

Me, Britney,Andrea, Lindy
What a cute family huh? :)

Bear Lake 2011

This year we did our annual trip to Bear Lake with Derick's family! It was so much fun and it was nice to have Britney and Andrea there this year! We had almost everyone there this year except Jason but hopefully next year everyone will be able to be there. This year was a bit different for me with being pregnant and all. I had to sit out of most of the family volleyball games, boating, and playing tennis but it was still fun! We got to go swimming a lot, hit the beach, mini golf, and of course hang out with the family playing cards!

All the Milnes (minus Jason) on our last day!

Britney and Diana

Family volleyball game- Milnes vs Bauers!

Ava and Kendall at mini golf

Britney and Hailey at the lake

Kendall playing Mini golf-she loved this hole!

Derick and Ava became fast buddies while sharing Otter Pops!

Cute matching girls with their mommies!

Ava and Kendall with Devin's girlfriend Leah!

Once again no pictures of myself and Derick! Can you tell I am content to be out of the pictures! LOL I'll try and be better and getting pictures of myself and the growing belly for everyone! All in all Bear Lake was very hot and very fun! I look forward to it every year. Next year will be wierd with Derick and I having a little one of our own to take care of. So crazy!

Baby Shower

A few weeks ago my awesome sister in laws- Lindy and Andrea threw me a fantastic baby shower! It was so much fun! Everyone from Derick's side of the family came and we had a blast. There were cute decorations and yummy food! I am so blessed to have everyone come for me and this little girl! She is definitely already spoiled! We had all of Derick's grandmas, aunts, cousins, and sisters there! It always makes me nervous to be the center of attention and put on the spot but it was a lot of fun. And everyone gave us some super cute presents! Like I said...spoiled!

This is the cute banner Andrea made!

Derick's mom got us our carseat/stroller and Cousin Chelsea got us the cute pink bouncer!

And everyone pitched in and got us our pack 'n play!

Andrea made the amazing purple quilt and Derick's grandma Jill made the cute pink one!

Grandma Gabbitas made the cute grandma quilt and Jill gave us some burb cloths she made as well as some burb cloths from Derick's great grandma Isla! I love these kinds of things!

We also got so many darling outfits!

Thanks everyone who came and especially to Lindy and Andrea for putting it all together! Like I said, Derick and I are so thankful for our families and for this little girl! We can't wait until November!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Trip to the Aquarium

Friday we were invited to go to the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy with our friends Brian, Carli, and their little girl Molly. Derick had never been to an aquarium and it's been a few years for me to go there so we were excited to go. Me especially 'cause I really wanted to see the penguins!

Here's a good belly shot for everyone! Yes it's getting big!
Derick touching the sting rays. One almost came over the edge and got me!

All you who know me know I love the turtles!

The penguins! They were so fun jumping in and out of the water! Derick says I like them because I waddle like them now! Which is soooo true some days!

Derick with the Emperor penguin and it's chick! Soon to be Derick and our little girl!

Overall it was really fun to see the animals. We joke that it was our first trip out with our little one (yes she still has no name so that's what we call her). Next week we go to Bear Lake and I hope I can make it through the heat! I plan on lots of time by the lake in the water and the shade! Wish me luck! Also Monday is my first baby shower which I am way excited for!

The Nursery

Well I must have hit that "nesting" stage that everyone talks about! Cause I seem to spend all my time doing something for this little girl and I still have 3 1/2 months left! I love putting together her room. It was fun to pick out her crib and bedding. Derick ended up picking this cute bedding which turned out so cute! The crib did give us a bit of a struggle but it's finally up and ready for her.

I have also been completing a lot of projects for her room. One thing I did was paint a shelf brown and now I want to get some picture frames and hang them from the shelf with ribbon. I also got some cute clips from one of my student's mom so I wanted to make something to hold them and put on her dresser. I did this one with an old frame painted white and some ribbon and cute bird paper. It turned out cute. Now I want to make one that can hold ribbons and bows and clips. Misty yours is way cute so now you have to teach me how you did it!

With flower clips
Without any clips

We also decided not to paint her room yet. I guess I just couldn't decide on a color that I like to put all over the walls. I would have liked to put some beadboard or moldings on the bottom half of the wall but boy that can get pricey so I found this cute tree with blossoms to put on her wall and it turned out great!

So all in all I am so happy to get all of this done but now it makes me want this little girl to get here fast! I don't know if I can make it through the summer! The last thing we are waiting for is her dresser and then Derick is lucky enough to put it together! Hopefully it goes a lot smoother than the crib! I also have some cute wooden birds to paint and finish! So I will post more pictures when her room is all done!