Friday, November 23, 2012

Halloween and birthdays

Lots have been going on the past few months and our computer has been broken so I finally found a few minutes to be able to upload everything and share it! First thing was Derick's brother, Devin got married in October up in Manti. It was fun to go up there and support him and Shanda for their big day! Kaylie had so much fun playing with her cousins and eating cheesecake and getting lots of attention from others! In October, Kaylie turned 11 months old! I couldn't believe how big she is getting. Definitely turned from looking like a little baby to a big girl!
 Kaylie also took her first plane ride and did pretty good. Probably better than mommy did! Her and I were able to go to California to visit my family. Most of them hadn't seen Kaylie since she was 5 months old. It was also fun to see her "boy" cousins play with her! Hayden absolutely loved her. He always wanted to bring her toys and watch her! She got to have a "pre" birthday celebration with everyone there. She got tons of presents and her cousins especially spoiled her!She also got to have her first ice cream cone courtesy of Grandma Tawni!- Which she absolutely loved!

 Kaylie also got to celebrate Halloween twice. Once in California with her cousins and then at home with mom and dad. She was the cutest strawberry ever and even kept the hat on the whole time! She loved the pumpkins and just wanted to sink her teeth in it or lick it the whole time! Oh and she loved her candy! We went to Derick's parents neighborhood and hit a couple of houses. She got everything from a bouncy ball, bracelet, and of course candy.
 November 8th Kaylie turned one! Yes one! I can't believe a whole year has already passed since I had her. She loved looking at all the decorations and I wonder if she knew it was her birthday or just that she was getting lots of attention that day but she had a blast. The day started off bad with me having work and had to take her to the sitters and then getting in a car accident. But it all got better when Kaylie had her party. I decided to do a cute Olivia the Pig party (yes it is a book for all those out there who have never heard of her) Complete with cardboard cut outs and all.

 She looked cute in her little Olivia outfit and later in her red party dress from my mom. Lots of family came and once again she got totally spoiled. She loved each gift and then moved on to the next one. Yes my child is a little crazy for attention and loved everyone laughing and having a good time.
 She was hilarious when it came time for cake and ice cream and would absolutely not put her hands in the cake. She would stick her finger in and wave it at me to get it off. But then I gave her an ice cream cone and needless to say she was a mess!
 The only person from my family who was able to come was my brother Donny. It meant a lot to have someone there from my side and Kaylie definitely adores him. It's also his birthday a few days later so it was good to see him!
 Derick's cousin Aubrey took the best pictures of Kaylie for her 1 year birthday. I just adore this little girl! She has the cutest and happiest personality. We definitely have been so blessed this past year. Not only with Kaylie but with good friends and loving family! Now I can't wait to get ready for the holidays and another year with our little family!