Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Drum roll please.....

Yes most of you probably already heard but for those who haven't...Derick and I will be adding one more to our family in October! We are pretty dang excited! But it sure has been a rough past 14 weeks. Luckily I went off track last week but that's about when I couldn't keep any food down. Come to find out I was pretty badly dehydrated and had to go to the hospital for an IV. But since then I have been feeling better. I still have some bad nauseated days (like yesterday) where I am pretty much stuck in bed all day. But for the most part everything is good with the little one. Heard the heartbeat 2 weeks ago and go back in 2 weeks. Everyone's wanted me to post belly pics so I will post one but do not look at my face (without makeup) just the belly bump or there will be no more pics! LOL

Meg's Baby Shower

Back in January the girls from work and I had a fun baby shower for Meg and Baby Cash! We had it a Kate's house and she made tons of yummy food! It was fun to be with everyone and talk and especially opening presents! Cash was born in January and boy is he adorable! Congrats Meg!

The Diaper Cake I made for Meg!
Meg and her baby bouncer!

The cute jammies Derick and I got Cash

Yeah! Diapers!!

Oh and of course cute Lindsay!

2011 Projects

Arts and Craft Projects: The past few months have definitely been crazy! Here are a few projects that I was able to complete back in January. For now a lot of projects have been put on hold until I can feel better!

The bag I made for my Relief Society Binder!
A bag I made for our Relief Society President!
She's Awesome!
Derick and I found a foam mat for cheap at Hobby Lobby.
So I got some fabric and covered it so he can sleep on it while camping!

I saw these cute blocks at Roberts and decided to make them for valentines day.
One side is the front and the other is the back.

I made this blanket for Whitney a friend of mine who had a cute little boy named Skylar!

It turned out so good!