Friday, December 23, 2011

Show and Tell!

Kaylie is almost 7 weeks and I can't believe it has been that long already! I am sad to be going back to work cause she is finally starting to be awake more during the day and way more alert and playful! Sunday was our first time going to all 3 hours of church. She looked so cute in her little dress, tights, and shoes! However, we were in for a surprise when we got home! She had a major blowout! It was all over her tights, and onesie. I had no clue how to get it off without getting poop all over her! This seems to be her favorite thing to do lately. She definitely knows how to fill up a diaper lately! Definitely gets that from her dad!

She is getting so big. She is now over 11 pounds and almost 24 inches long! She just keeps growing! She is now in 0-3 month clothes. Her newborn sleepers are getting too small but some of her 0-3 month clothes are too big. But she is getting quite the belly and chubby cheeks! Daddy calls her his little pudgey pudge! She is so funny when we lay her on the floor. She likes to look around and once in a while will just stare at the TV. She will also move her head from side to side when you shake the rattle but she still isn't grabbing things too well yet. She likes the soft little catterpillar guy and once in a while we catch her trying to eat it!

We opened our first Christmas present yesterday from Aunt Kristi and it was some cute hats that her friend Amanda made. She did such a good job on them and they are so adorable on her. I love this little owl hat. I love that it covers Kaylies ears! I wish you could see more of the hat in this picture cause Kaylie's eyes are as big the owl's!

I also love the other two hats and she even made cute flower clips so that they can be interchanged! I love these pictures because she looks so old! I can't believe how much she is changing already. She definitely doesn't look like a newborn anymore! Today we went to my school to see my students and show them all Kaylie. It was so fun! It was nice that the kids were so excited to see me. I was a little worried about if they'd want me back after having fun Miss Benson there for the past few weeks! I'm also excited for Christmas. I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I can't wait to take pictures of Kaylie with Santa and her first Christmas and then on to her blessing! Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Tis the season

Wow- tis the season for craziness! We have been super busy getting everything ready for Christmas. I can't believe it is in 9 days! I've gotten all of my Christmas shopping for family done and shipped! But now I am on a hunt for Derick's presents! And boy am I stumped! He's a tough one to shop for! It's also hard getting things for Kaylie. What do you buy a 5 week old? :) LOL it will be a fun Christmas this year! We've also been super busy with Christmas parties! It seems like for the next week we have one party after another! It will be fun and nice to actually get out of the house and hang out with adults! Last night I went to our annual gingerbread house making party with the girls from work (past and present!) It was fun to see them all and catch up and of course show off Kaylie!
Kaylie is getting so big! She now weighs about 11 pounds and is changing so much. She is getting too long for her newborn onesies. Yes I said too long. Hopefully she got daddy's genes and will be a tall little bugger! Now that the snow is coming I've been trying to keep her warm and pulled out her cute moccasins that Aunt Terra gave her! So cute! And it's good that they go up high because her pants are all too short!

She's been such a good baby during the day but has a hard time at night. She drives Derick crazy with the noises she makes all night night long! The other day her swing ran out of batteries so I put her right next to me on the couch while I pumped. My pillow was there so I proped her up on it and she instantly fell asleep which never happens! She seems to love it! Too bad i can't put a pillow in her crib with her! I think she just loves to be near people and that helps her sleep. She has been eating from the bottle really well and has been better about not spitting up. Once in a while I will try to nurse her to see if she wont spit it up anymore but that always backfires. She eats well but afterwards she just spits up like crazy. No clue why! But I still keep hoping that would pass cause all this pumping is starting to drive me crazy! I can tell my milk supply is having a hard time keeping up with her but not sure if I should start taking something to help increase it again. So for the time being i am still pumping like crazy cause I refuse to buy formula! But she is starting to look around more and recoginzes momma and loves to cuddle with me! Probably cause daddy always rubs his scruffy face against her to bug her! I've also tried to have Derick get up with her more during the night to get prepared for when I too have to go to work! I think he hates me! LOL but he does a good job with her! But she can sure be a stinker sometimes!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

One month old

Kaylie is now 1 month old! So crazy how the time goes. In just a few weeks she has changed so much! She now weighs 10 pounds and is 21 inches long! She is so long and lean! It amazes me that she still fits into her newborn clothes but some of them are too short. Yes they fit around the waist but not in length. Yesterday I put her in one of her newborn sleepers and she couldn't stretch out her poor legs. But then I put her in a 0-3 month sleeper and I found her the next morning with both legs stuck in the same foot hole! Poor girl-mommy will get it right sometime I guess! And yes she still has a big head- she has already outgrown some of her cute little hats! My favorite picture of Derick and Kaylie from a few weeks ago. Back when she didn't mind being swaddled. Now she just fights it! Also she fights sleep and grunts all the time! The only time she sleeps really good is cuddled up next to one of us!
One morning I woke up with a start and thought something was wrong cause she slept so long in her crib! She loves her arms out and laying on her side!

Just lounging on Mommy's bed in her favorite deer jammies!She loves her tummy time for about 5 minutes and does so good getting her head up. Instead of flopping around she actually has some control and is starting to be more alert and likes to look around. This is also the look she gives when she is hungry! She does ok with breastfeeding during the day but at night time it's a fight. I've started pumping to get ready to go back to work and we've also started introducing the bottle to get her used to it and she does really good. It also seems better and doesn't make her spit up as much. I've had a hard time being ok with not breastfeeding as much but Kaylie is a stinker and Derick keeps telling me, As long as she's eating my breast milk it's ok. I still love to feed her and have that time with her but I love that she still looks up at me and holds my hand when I give her a bottle. I'm just happy that she's gaining weight now and growing like crazy!

She actually loves her little bath! I thought for sure she would scream and hate it but she loves the warm water. Lately she's been trying to stick her leg over the edge into the water but once she touches it, she doesn't know what to do and just holds her leg up in the air! But once you take her out and try to dress her...then the screaming starts!

Friday, December 02, 2011

Kaylie Girl

I can't believe Kaylie is already 3 1/2 weeks old. She is already changing so much! I'm not sure how much she weighs now cause we don't have a scale but she is definitely getting a tummy! She has already grown 1 1/2 inches in length and still has such long arms and legs! He poor pants fit around the belly but not in the legs! We also measured her head which is 14 inches around which means she has a pretty big melon as Derick would say! We've been giving her some tummy time each day because she is quite the "flop"er and she doesn't mind it for a few minutes and then she starts kicking her legs. Then she gets up on her knees and sticks her bum in the air! She still fits in her newborn onesies and couple of 0-3 month things but those are often huge on her. We've been keeping the little mittens on her hands since she loves to have her hands out of the blankets and I was worried her hands would freeze but now she wiggles out of them! She has a little sleeper with the mittens that fold over on it and the other dayshe had her thumbs sticking out on both hands. Then the next day she had her whole right hand out of it! So needless to say we are about done with the mittens! This week I have been trying to keep Kaylie awake more during the day so that she could sleep well at night. She still takes a few naps and absolutely loves her swing. I also had to buck up and have her start sleeping in her own room in her big girl bed! And she did great! The first time I stuck her in there she loved it! She has been sleeping with a fluffy blanket that she loves to be snuggled in and then she falls asleep so fast! She also loves sleeping on her side and if she ends up on her back, she flops her hands in the air and stretches her legs out! She must have been so cramped in my stomach cause now all she loves to do is stretch out! One thing she does that I love is when she first starts to fall asleep she gives a tiny smile and then giggles and then she is out cold! She is also learning to use her voice and like her mom, she cries when she is really worn out and wants to sleep! She also hates to be naked but loves to sit in the warm bath water! We are still working on the whole eating thing. Sometimes she finishes and is full in 10 minutes and other times she likes to sit and suck for 40 minutes! At night she often sleeps for 4 hours straight before waking up to eat again. Now that she is gaining weight I've been doing a lot more of "feeding on demand" and she definitely lets me know when she is hungry! Although our 3 am feeding is rough! This morning she wanted to eat for a few minutes and then refused to sleep or eat. So needless to say daddy was up trying to get her to sleep. Then around 5 she decided she was hungry and then passed out for the rest of the night! This girl definitely throughs me for a loop. One day she does great, and the next day she switches it up! I promise I'll get better at this! LOL But I love her anyway! Next week we are going to meet some people who might be watching Kaylie when I go back to work. I'm a little nervous about finding someone good and leaving her all day! Sorry for such a long blog but of course I have to share all the things I love about this girl!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Photo Shoot

So my good friend Jenny came over the other day and we did a fun photo shoot with little miss Kaylie. She did pretty well at first but hated being naked so did it pretty quick but ended up getting so many good shots. Here are a few of my favorites.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kaylie Ann Milne

Kaylie Ann Milne

November 8, 2011

8:03 AM

8 lbs 19 1 /2 inches

On Novemeber 8th Derick and I went to the American Fork Hospital at 6:15 am. I of course was a little nervous about the whole surgery but Derick was as confident as ever. We were taken to our room to get ready for the c-section. For those who don't know we chose the c-section because my body never made any progress towards labor. And it's a good thing we did because the doctor even had a hard time getting her out of my stomach and had to use the suction to get her out.
Derick watched the whole surgery. He said it was crazy to see my muscles move everytime the baby did. He said she was completely covered with the white stuff. She had a little bit of a hard time breathing but they said it was normal with c-section babies. The first thing the doctor said was how pretty her lips were and that she was a big baby.

She has such long arms and legs and loves to kick them around. She also has such cute skinny feet and toes! But everyone kept saying what a perfectly round head she has! Derick went with Kaylie to the nursery to get cleaned up and she got her first cute hair bows. She was doing really good until the second day when we noticed her yellow coloring. She had her bilirubin tested and had to immediately go under the lights to get rid of the jaundice. They had to give her a pacifier to calm her down for a second and after that she was great. She loved the lights and just laid there like it was a tanning bed!

Daddy and his little girl. They are absolutely adorable together. She loves to lay with her daddy after eating. Because of the jaundice she became extremely sleepy and had a hard time feeding. We had to supplement a little bit with formula and of course I pumped the colostrum with the hopes that my milk would come in faster and not make it so hard for her to suck and eat. She lost about 7-10% of her body weight so of course you can imagine what a wreck I was everytime she had to eat. Derick of course was awesome and the lactation nurses at the hospital were awesome and helped me feed her without giving her a bottle which I didn't want to do.

My mom was able to come out from California to help me with the baby. Kaylie loved having her Grandma time! It was nice to have her here since I had to go to the hospital everyday to have her bilirubin checked. I was shocked that I felt so good after the c-section. I was sore for the first couple of days in the hospital but I was able to get up and walk around and shower.

We were able to stay until Saturday morning but decided we wanted to go home on Friday instead. It was so nice to be able to go home and sleep in our own bed! She looked so adorable in her going home outfit. I got the clothes from one of my students this year and loved them! The hat is from Kaylie's Aunt Kristi! I love how snuggly she looks in her carseat!

Thanks to everyone who came to visit us in the hospital and for all the fun gifts for Kaylie. She has so many people who love her and she is truly one spoiled little girl already!

Love This Girl!

This past week and a half have been filled to the max! But I love spending time with this little girl! Everyday I learn something new about her. And now that the jaundice is going down she is showing her personality a little more each day. Here are a few things I love and have learned about this sweet girl...She has long arms, legs, fingers, and feet! And they are so skinny!

She is the 50% percentile for weight and is working on getting back to her birth weight.

Her newborn pants are huge on her and she loves to kick off her socks! Kaylie hates to be swaddled at night! She fights so bad to get her hands and legs free.

We got some mittens to wear at night so her hands don't get too cold!

She is a good sleeper and so far has done well in her pack n play all by herself!

She would sleep through the night probably if I didn't get her up to feed!

And boy is it a fight sometimes for her to wake up and eat!

She loves her bows! Ok maybe mommy likes her bows! But she looks so darling in them!
She both hates and loves bath time! She hates to get cold but she loves the warm water on her feet!

When she her jaundice levels were high it was a rarity to see he with her eyes open.

She has beautiful eyes and loves to look around.

I love it when she is nursing and just stares and me.
Sometimes she gets this grumpy/what are you doing? look on her face!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Family Baby Shower

On the 10th my family threw me a baby shower in Las Vegas. Derick and his family were going down to California for the Utah vs USC game so I said just to leave me in Vegas and we could have everyone come half way for the shower. I am so glad that it actually worked out. It was so much fun to stay with my friend Chelsea and her little family and to see all my family! (minus Brittany-I missed ya) Terra and everyone did a great job! It was such a cute ladybug/watermelon theme! And Chelsea even made the cutest, yummiest cake pops that were decorated like watermelons! I don't have all the pics from the shower yet but here are a few sneak peeks!

My belly @ 33 weeks! We're getting there!
The cute diaper cake Terra made! I love the cute ladybug hair clips!

The cute tutu my friend Sarah made for Kaylie!

Kaylie's first Teddy! Thanks mom! If you know me, you know I love Teddy Bears!

The quilt Terra made KaylieInstead of playing weird baby games, Kristi had everyone decorate bibs and onesies! They all turned out so cute! Of course I had to make one to represent Derick!

Onesies from Grandpa and Grandma and my friend Ginny

The purple one is for Lehi soccer from Tara and Hailey and Kristi made the cute pink one with the giraffe!

All the cute bibs!

All the fabulous bows for Kaylie! I love it!

We got so many cute presents from everyone! I was so glad that everyone could make it, especially those that came all the way down to Vegas from Utah even though we live so close already! It was fun to have everyone together. Well I think that is enough pictures for now. I will post more soon! Thanks everyone for a great shower! Kaylie is so spoiled already!

Friday, August 26, 2011

So much going on!

There has been so much going on these past few weeks that I feel so out of touch with things going on around me! First off, Derick and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary! Crazy huh? 2 years already! Derick was so cute and he really knows how much I like to celebrate special things like this. So he got me a beautiful purple orchid (my favorite), chocolates, and even a cute onesie and bib for Kaylie! I love this guy!

We've also started softball season so every Monday Derick and his brothers play in a rec league which is really fun! Then yesterday we celebrated Derick's 29th birthday by going to Chili's with our family and friends! Oh and then of course there is work. Both Derick and I are fully back and work now! We love our jobs but can't believe it is yet another school year already! My kids have been really good but I come home completely exhausted!

Oh yeah and swollen feet! Yes! swollen feet! It sucks big time. I can't fit into most of my shoes! But the nice thing is that my principal gave me a student teacher! So the next couple of weeks will be hard but once she takes over I can hopefully get things ready for my maternity leave! Thank goodness! I keep saying, if I can just make it to track break in October! So as you can see, so many things in just a few weeks! Yes I am tired! This weekend Derick is hunting and I plan on......RELAXING!!

Don't laugh at my huge belly! I seriously can't believe I still could grow more in 2 months! But I am loving my pregnancy! Kaylie is litterally bouncing off the walls! She moves all the time and lately has been getting the hiccups daily. (yes she even has them right now) Last night was the first time Derick has been able to feel her. She loves to play hide and seek with daddy cause she usually stops moving when Derick is around! He couldn't believe he actually felt her last night and kept saying it was me moving my belly. Does he understand that I can't just make one little spot move? LOL :)

We are getting more and more excited to have her here already! We have the nursery decorated and everything big we need. In 2 weeks my family is throwing me a shower in vegas with lots of my vegas friends. I am really excited! I am also excited to have it there so that my friend Chelsea can be there. I was never able to go to her baby showers so I am excited to have her there for mine! I just hope things slow down a bit before Kaylie gets here! Keep your fingers crossed!