Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ah....Vacation, at last!

I can't tell you how absolutely wonderful it feels to know that I have 3 glorious weeks of vacation! Now you all know I love my job but it can sure get tiring teaching 25 little 6/7 year olds. Therefore, I LOVE track breaks!!!!! I don't think I can stress that enough so let me say it again... I LOVE TRACK BREAK!!!

Now I have big plans for this break. They include: sleep, sleep, sleep, oh and did I mention...more sleep! I would love to go on some big, exotic vacation but there is always one big problem with track breaks, no one else seems to be on vacation at the same time. And what fun would a cruise or trip to New York be by yourself?

So I am giving you all plenty of warning right now, my next track break is at the end of April, and then again in June/July so if you all want to take a trip or get away me!!


Sarah said...

I want to go!!!