Monday, December 29, 2008

Airport Craze

Sorry it's been a while but I hope everyone had a great Christmas and is enjoying the rest of their holiday vacations. Christmas was great back in good old Fresno. Sorry there won't be any pictures with this blog but I got a new camera and I'm still playing with all of its awesome features! So pics to follow later! However, my fun filled Christmas vacation began back last Tuesday when school let out for Christmas vacation. (Which don't get me started about why we had to go to a day and a half of school the week of Christmas but whatever!) Anyway, I really didn't want to fly home on Christmas Eve and I wanted to spend enough time with Terra, Josh, and Dakota before they had to leave after Christmas, so I made sure to book a flight that left later in the evening on the 23rd. My aunt and uncle were nice enough to let me leave my car at their house and take me to the airport. I am always worried about flying home so close to holidays and making it on time to my flight so I got there about 2 hours prior to my flight leaving. And its a good thing I did! Upon arrival I learned that my bags couldn't be checked outside at curbside so I had to go inside to Delta's "special services" lines a wait for a bit. They were nice enough and go me set to get on my flight and assured me that my bag would make the switch from my Delta flight to my US Airways flight during my layover in Vegas. I was all set and headed to wait for the next hour and a half at my gate. As I was walking I passed on of the screens that tells you what gate and if your flight is on time. Well, it is a good thing I looked because my flight was delayed from leaving at 7:45 until 9:00! Yes I would be waiting for like 3 more hours! However if that were my only problem I would have GLADLY done it but since my flight was delayed that meant that I was going to miss my connecting flight in Vegas! I immediately got on the convenient telephones and called Delta's help line. They kindly told me that I was screwed as all of Delta's flight leaving from Salt Lake were way delayed and that I could make it to Vegas and stay a day there or leave the next day from SLC, or buy a ticket from some other airline! Needless to say it didn't look good on getting home before Christmas! Luckily there was a direct flight from SLC to Fresno leaving at 8:55 that I could get on standby. My flight left at 9. Which meant that if I didn't make it onto the 8:55 flight I would have 5 minutes to get over and to the other side of the airport and make the other flight and possible get stranded in Vegas! EEK! Luckily I decided to stop at the DELTA customer service desk and make sure that I was on stand by for the direct flight because the lady was nice enough to just put me right on the flight without waiting on standby! NICE! She called down to baggage and again assured me that there was plenty of time for them to get my bag aboard my new flight! So I happily went over to wait at my NEW gate for another 3 hours! Luckily I made it to over to Fresno and even got in a bit earlier than my previous flight would have! But my bag was not so lucky! I hate that sick feeling you get as you watch all the luggage go around the baggage carousel and not one of them is yours and you keep looking and waiting and finally they stop the carousel and say thats all the bags! I do feel sorry for those workers who have to deal with people like me who just don't understand why the baggage workers at the SL airport had OVER 3 hours to get my bag, couldn't put it on the correct flight! UGH! Lucky for me, I had decided to carry on a small bag and put some very import neccesities in it or else I would have had absolutely nothing! It definitely was a bad way to start my Christmas vacation! Well, all in all I spend the whole next day trying to get an acutal human being on the phone! Later that evening we decided that instead of sitting around waiting for the airline to call we took matters into our own hands. I went down to the airport to look for my bag! No luck! It wasn't there! I just wanted to cry! I mean it was all my Christmas presents and everything! Luckily, to make a long story short, the girl who worked at Delta, thought maybe she would call over to the US Airways counter and see if maybe they had it since that was my original flight, and wouldn't you guess.....THEY HAD IT!! I was thrilled! So needless to say, I officially hate the baggage system at all airports! I just hope I don't have to go through all this trouble when I leave again on Sunday! Everyone keep your fingers crossed!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

One of "Those" Days!

So I know you all know what I am talking about when I say that it has been one of "those" days! I could have guess it would turn out like this by this morning. You know, the morning when you change outfits a few times and don't like the way you look but better get going or you'll be late for wor. Yep that was this morning. Work was ok except for the fact that it was an all inside day for the kids because of snow and how cold it was outside. For all of those who don't know that means the kids come right inside in the morning and have to stay in for recess and lunch! Then just through in a few kids who got sent to office, phone calls from parents complaining about other kids, and a few phone calls/notes home! Well if you thought that was bad just wait, it only gets better! Tonight we also had our ward christmas party. I was in charge of cooking a bag of potatoes (which luckily I had cooked the night before) and getting the ham. I rushed home from school to get everything. I literally left everything in the car and ran inside. Well, in my rush to get the potatoes out to the car and talking on the phone, I (out of habit) turned the lock on the door and shut it! Yes you guess it, my car keys, house keys, everything, was in the house. I was locked out! Thank goodness I had put on shoes (thank you snow!)my coat and scarf, and I had my phone! Thankfully the sweet girl who is head of my activities committee was able to come get me (and my potatoes) and go get the ham. I totally made her late and felt like an idiot! We went to the party (which luckily went off without a hitch) and my roommate came and took me home to get my keys! I also had to go to Walmart and get marshmallows for my class tomorrow and stuff for Sarah's baptism! Crazy Crazy! I am so glad today is over! Keep your fingers crossed that tomorrow is not one of "those" days!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Congrats Donny and Jonathan

Today I was able to go down to Orem and see Donny get ordained to an Elder. It was so nice to see him take on this big responsibility. It reminds me just how grown up he is! I was so proud of him! I wish mom and my sisters could have been there too. But it was nice to be surrounded by my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. Also today Jonathan was blessed. It makes me sad to think that so often I have to miss out on important things like this in my family. I'm grateful for where I am in life but it would make it so much better to have all my family close together! So it was a very eventful day for our family.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Family Elf Yourself!

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Friday, December 05, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

This week has been a really crazy week. Monday started off REALLY interesting! About 10 minutes into class I had a little girl throw up at her desk! And I mean the gross, disgusting, smelly kind of throw up. And throw up is one thing I absolutely can not do! Well the little girl ran to the bathroom and then the cute little boy sitting next to her started gagging. I guess I'm not the only one who can't handle throw up! So I told him to quickly go to the back of the room. Then the whole group was gagging so they all had to ran back there too! Well all in all it ended up getting all over her book and inside her whole tote tray! So disgusting!

And then its just been go, go, goo all week! I was able to meet up with my friend Chelsea who was up visiting from Vegas. Chelsea, Aubrey, and I took Karlee down to Temple Square to see the gorgeous lights! But boy was it cold! But it was good to see them again!

Today was a good ending to a busy week. Today we had a Teddy Bear Picnic. It was cute seeing all the kids with Teddy Bears. Some of them looked like my old bear, flat and worn out! :) I was exhuasted in the end but I know its be even worse next Friday when we do gingerbread houses! Or the next Friday when we do Polar express activities with all 5 classes. Or maybe the 23rd when we have Christmas Around the World! Yikes! I hope I can make it through December! Wish me luck!