Monday, December 29, 2008

Airport Craze

Sorry it's been a while but I hope everyone had a great Christmas and is enjoying the rest of their holiday vacations. Christmas was great back in good old Fresno. Sorry there won't be any pictures with this blog but I got a new camera and I'm still playing with all of its awesome features! So pics to follow later! However, my fun filled Christmas vacation began back last Tuesday when school let out for Christmas vacation. (Which don't get me started about why we had to go to a day and a half of school the week of Christmas but whatever!) Anyway, I really didn't want to fly home on Christmas Eve and I wanted to spend enough time with Terra, Josh, and Dakota before they had to leave after Christmas, so I made sure to book a flight that left later in the evening on the 23rd. My aunt and uncle were nice enough to let me leave my car at their house and take me to the airport. I am always worried about flying home so close to holidays and making it on time to my flight so I got there about 2 hours prior to my flight leaving. And its a good thing I did! Upon arrival I learned that my bags couldn't be checked outside at curbside so I had to go inside to Delta's "special services" lines a wait for a bit. They were nice enough and go me set to get on my flight and assured me that my bag would make the switch from my Delta flight to my US Airways flight during my layover in Vegas. I was all set and headed to wait for the next hour and a half at my gate. As I was walking I passed on of the screens that tells you what gate and if your flight is on time. Well, it is a good thing I looked because my flight was delayed from leaving at 7:45 until 9:00! Yes I would be waiting for like 3 more hours! However if that were my only problem I would have GLADLY done it but since my flight was delayed that meant that I was going to miss my connecting flight in Vegas! I immediately got on the convenient telephones and called Delta's help line. They kindly told me that I was screwed as all of Delta's flight leaving from Salt Lake were way delayed and that I could make it to Vegas and stay a day there or leave the next day from SLC, or buy a ticket from some other airline! Needless to say it didn't look good on getting home before Christmas! Luckily there was a direct flight from SLC to Fresno leaving at 8:55 that I could get on standby. My flight left at 9. Which meant that if I didn't make it onto the 8:55 flight I would have 5 minutes to get over and to the other side of the airport and make the other flight and possible get stranded in Vegas! EEK! Luckily I decided to stop at the DELTA customer service desk and make sure that I was on stand by for the direct flight because the lady was nice enough to just put me right on the flight without waiting on standby! NICE! She called down to baggage and again assured me that there was plenty of time for them to get my bag aboard my new flight! So I happily went over to wait at my NEW gate for another 3 hours! Luckily I made it to over to Fresno and even got in a bit earlier than my previous flight would have! But my bag was not so lucky! I hate that sick feeling you get as you watch all the luggage go around the baggage carousel and not one of them is yours and you keep looking and waiting and finally they stop the carousel and say thats all the bags! I do feel sorry for those workers who have to deal with people like me who just don't understand why the baggage workers at the SL airport had OVER 3 hours to get my bag, couldn't put it on the correct flight! UGH! Lucky for me, I had decided to carry on a small bag and put some very import neccesities in it or else I would have had absolutely nothing! It definitely was a bad way to start my Christmas vacation! Well, all in all I spend the whole next day trying to get an acutal human being on the phone! Later that evening we decided that instead of sitting around waiting for the airline to call we took matters into our own hands. I went down to the airport to look for my bag! No luck! It wasn't there! I just wanted to cry! I mean it was all my Christmas presents and everything! Luckily, to make a long story short, the girl who worked at Delta, thought maybe she would call over to the US Airways counter and see if maybe they had it since that was my original flight, and wouldn't you guess.....THEY HAD IT!! I was thrilled! So needless to say, I officially hate the baggage system at all airports! I just hope I don't have to go through all this trouble when I leave again on Sunday! Everyone keep your fingers crossed!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

One of "Those" Days!

So I know you all know what I am talking about when I say that it has been one of "those" days! I could have guess it would turn out like this by this morning. You know, the morning when you change outfits a few times and don't like the way you look but better get going or you'll be late for wor. Yep that was this morning. Work was ok except for the fact that it was an all inside day for the kids because of snow and how cold it was outside. For all of those who don't know that means the kids come right inside in the morning and have to stay in for recess and lunch! Then just through in a few kids who got sent to office, phone calls from parents complaining about other kids, and a few phone calls/notes home! Well if you thought that was bad just wait, it only gets better! Tonight we also had our ward christmas party. I was in charge of cooking a bag of potatoes (which luckily I had cooked the night before) and getting the ham. I rushed home from school to get everything. I literally left everything in the car and ran inside. Well, in my rush to get the potatoes out to the car and talking on the phone, I (out of habit) turned the lock on the door and shut it! Yes you guess it, my car keys, house keys, everything, was in the house. I was locked out! Thank goodness I had put on shoes (thank you snow!)my coat and scarf, and I had my phone! Thankfully the sweet girl who is head of my activities committee was able to come get me (and my potatoes) and go get the ham. I totally made her late and felt like an idiot! We went to the party (which luckily went off without a hitch) and my roommate came and took me home to get my keys! I also had to go to Walmart and get marshmallows for my class tomorrow and stuff for Sarah's baptism! Crazy Crazy! I am so glad today is over! Keep your fingers crossed that tomorrow is not one of "those" days!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Congrats Donny and Jonathan

Today I was able to go down to Orem and see Donny get ordained to an Elder. It was so nice to see him take on this big responsibility. It reminds me just how grown up he is! I was so proud of him! I wish mom and my sisters could have been there too. But it was nice to be surrounded by my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. Also today Jonathan was blessed. It makes me sad to think that so often I have to miss out on important things like this in my family. I'm grateful for where I am in life but it would make it so much better to have all my family close together! So it was a very eventful day for our family.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Family Elf Yourself!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Friday, December 05, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

This week has been a really crazy week. Monday started off REALLY interesting! About 10 minutes into class I had a little girl throw up at her desk! And I mean the gross, disgusting, smelly kind of throw up. And throw up is one thing I absolutely can not do! Well the little girl ran to the bathroom and then the cute little boy sitting next to her started gagging. I guess I'm not the only one who can't handle throw up! So I told him to quickly go to the back of the room. Then the whole group was gagging so they all had to ran back there too! Well all in all it ended up getting all over her book and inside her whole tote tray! So disgusting!

And then its just been go, go, goo all week! I was able to meet up with my friend Chelsea who was up visiting from Vegas. Chelsea, Aubrey, and I took Karlee down to Temple Square to see the gorgeous lights! But boy was it cold! But it was good to see them again!

Today was a good ending to a busy week. Today we had a Teddy Bear Picnic. It was cute seeing all the kids with Teddy Bears. Some of them looked like my old bear, flat and worn out! :) I was exhuasted in the end but I know its be even worse next Friday when we do gingerbread houses! Or the next Friday when we do Polar express activities with all 5 classes. Or maybe the 23rd when we have Christmas Around the World! Yikes! I hope I can make it through December! Wish me luck!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

So after school let out on Wednesday for the Thanksgiving weekend I decided it was time to decorate for Christmas. I swear I decorate my classroom more than I decorate my home escpecially since its my roommate's home so she mostly decorates it herself. But it's nice to actually have a place of my own to decorate, even if it is my classroom! But atleast the kids love it! So I set up my little tree, hung christmas lights, and put up a bunch of Santas. And no Christmas decorating is complete without a countdown to Christmas! This week the kids will be making more decorations so I'll post some more pictures later but it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here, even if there isn't any snow yet! :)

Nontraditional Thanksgivings!

I can't believe it is already the Thanksgiving holiday weekend! Just a few more days and it will be December! So crazy! Well in my last blog I wrote that in the past seven years I have had seven different Thanksgiving I've spent it at mom's house, aunts' houses, at grandparents, I've even had it in Mexico while eating crab and lobster instead of Turkey and gravy! Well this year was no different for me. .My aunt Tara and uncle Dusty invited us to go to Wendover with their family and eat at a great buffet. It was actually nice to not have to cook or clean up! We also go a nice hotel room where we played poker until about 2:30 am! Not with real money of course! Thank goodness! It was my first time playing Texas Hold'em so if we were playing with money I would totally be broke! LOL but Dusty, Donny, and Tara were all pretty good. Overall Donny took all of our "money" but it was tons of fun. Donny also had a fun time playing with Tara's wheelchair. He has a new found talent of popping a wheelie and holding his balance. He was even able to do it with no hands and fell just a few times! But overall it was a fun Thanksgiving weekend!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Long time no see!

I know its been a while since I last posted but its been a busy couple of weeks. First off, after I got back from the Bahamas I was able to go down to Terra's house in Arizona and visit for a few days. I stopped over in Las Vegas and was able to stay with Chelsea and Jeff for two days. And I also got to play with their cute little girl Karlee! Karlee is just one month younger than Dakota and one month older than Jonathan. I love when babies start getting at these ages because their little personalities just start to come out! It was fun to just sit and chat with Chels again. It was also fun to see Terra, Josh, and Dakota. We went shopping, ate yummy food, watched movies and soccer games, and I even took Dakota for a walk! He is so adorable with his little hat on! Then it was finally time to get back to work. Last week I had parent/teacher conferences and boy did those make for some really long days! But now they are all done and its time for some holiday fun! Our first grade team is so much fun! We always do Thanksgiving, Polar Express, and Christmas around the World rotations where the kids from all 6 classes switch around and do all sorts of fun things! And then when those are all done, it will be time to go home for the holidays! YEAH!! But I am sad to not be going home for Thanksgiving. I was looking forward to mom's good cooking and seeing Twilight with my sisters but I guess that will have to wait until Christmas. But I really can't complain about Thanksgiving because in the past 7 years I have had Thanksgiving in a different place every year. So this year will be yet another place and adventure!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Bahamas/Snorkeling Slideshow

Cruisin' the Bahamas!

So after talking to my sister Kristi today, we realized that I never write about anything good on here. Kristi pointed out that all I blog about is leaving for vacation and when I'm home from vacation. So I promised I would post pictures from my trip so here they are. Now you have to remember that I hate taking pictures of myself, and even more so, I hate asking people to take a picture of me in front of things! I'm crazy I know. So most of my pictures are of things I saw while in the Bahamas or while I was snorkeling. So here it goes.

Day 1: Miami, FL

My roommate Jodi and I left for Miami, FL early on Thursday morning. Now I had been looking at all the weather reports for like two weeks in advance and they mentioned that while in Miami and the Bahamas there would be thunderstorms! Yikes! But luckily when we arrived in Miami it was just overcast with slight sprinkling. But as soon as we walked out of the airport I could feel the instant humidity. I was hot and sticky. No wonder people just go everywhere in their swimsuits! :) Our flights were long with a short layover in Atlanta. I don't mind flying but I hate wasting the whole day traveling! So needless to say I slept good at the hotel!

Day 2: Arrive at Port and Sail Away!

We woke up and took a taxi to the Miami Port. I had heard from others that it took forever to get on the ship.
But it was just like an airport terminal. We waited in a small line to check passports but then we got our room keys and walked right on the boat! It took maybe 15 minutes! The ship was so nice! Everything was exquisite! As soon as we got on there were people waiting with champagne and Orange Juice (for all of us lame people wo don't drink! Just kidding!)We were able to go straight to our stateroom and drop off our luggage and then we toured the boat. But it was so big we were still finding new places everyday! They also had lunch ready. The food was good. They had like 7 different places to eat and it was all pretty good. Hey for free food, I've got no complaints! That night we had a sail away party with lots of dancing and yummy drinks! Virgin of course! :)

Day 3: Nassau, Bahamas

We arrived at our port in Nassau, Bahamas the next day at like 8:00am. And yes it was finally sunny! We walked off the gangway and met our group on the dock to go Kayaking and Snorkeling. Nassau was a pretty city. Full of vibrant colors as well as the pale pink color that you would find on a conch shell that Nassau is famous for! We walked down to the harbor and jumped on a catamaran run by some local guys. They were hilarious and kept calling my roommate and I "pretty girls". As we sailed through the harbor they gave us a tour of Paradise Island. This is where all the famous people build houses, store their yachts, and even the hotel Atlantis is found here. We arrived at a small island where we got in our clear bottom Kayak and meandered around for a bit. It was neat because right underneath us we could see all the way to the bottom of the ocean! After a while we jumped out and snorkeled around for a bit. It was my first time snorkeling. But luckily I had practiced at home in my parents' pool so I felt ready! What I wasn't ready for was the fish that just swam right up to me and completely encircled me! It was crazy! And totally awesome! The water was amazing! So bright and clear! And the fish were beautiful! Afterwards we headed back into the harbor and did a little shopping! There was a few stores and what they call a "Straw Market" which is basically a big tent where these women would bring their goods and haggle with you for the best prices. I loved it but my roommate wasn't so keen on the whole atmosphere. So we walked around some more and then had to head back to the ship. I loved the carefree and happy attitude of the Bahamian people. That night I went to a Vegas type show on the boat and they had a "White Hot Party". They even had snow and ice sculptures on the boat. This is a picture of me before the party showing you my half of our stateroom which surprisingly wasn't that small to me! I also loved our towel animals that our little friend made for us each day!

Day 4: Great Stirrup Cay- Private Island

The next day we got to Norwegian Cruise line's Private Island. There aren't any docks so we anchored off shore and took a tender over to the island. The island was absolutely gorgeous. Once again beautiful blue waters and crystal white sand. We were able to layout and snorkel all day. There was also a BBQ, sand volleyball, and a small straw market to buy souvenirs. I spend most of my day in the water of course! I saw some amazing fish! I saw this amazing trumpet fish. I also saw some baby squid but of course those pictures didn't turn out!This little guy is also one of my favorites because it is unique and different. I'll post a slide show with all of my snorkeling pictures. But overall it was a nice relaxing day. But the best part was as we were on the tender heading back to the ship. As we were almost there, we got to see dolphins swim alongside our tender! It was amazing! And once again it happened so quick that I didn't have my camera ready! That night the ship had a funny comedian and some game shows to play along with, which were hilarious to watch! I swear, drunk people will do anything! We also had one last dance/toga party before getting into Miami at 7:00am!

We got on a flight at 11 and were home by 4. Overall it was a fun trip! I would recommend the Bahamas to anyone who wanted to go! And the cruise was nice and relaxing with lots of fun stuff to do. They also had raffles everyday and lots of free give aways! And the Norwegian Sky was a beautiful boat!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I am finally home from my amazing vacation to the Bahamas! It was nice to be out and doing something relaxing and fun, but it is so good to be home. I wish you can go on a vacation without the days of traveling to and from your destination! It is so exhausting that its taken me a few days to recover! And not to mention all the laundry! But it was definitely a good time and I would do it all over again anytime! I'll post more about the whole trip when I get all my pictures back on Friday! But it sure is good to be home! Well...until my next trip next week!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


So today is the first day of my vacation! I am officially on track break for three and a half weeks! Today I slept in, got caught up on some of my shows, and basically doing a whole lot of nothing! Sometimes this is much needed! But I have to admit, I like having to get up and get ready in the morning and needing to be somewhere. I think I need that because it forces me to do something! But for today I am happy to not have to put on makeup or get dressed or even leave the house! Also its getting down to the wire for my cruise! So I'm trying to get things ready for that. And I am super excited! I went and got travel size shampoo, conditioner, contact solution, lotion, everything that I would need without having it all take up a lot of space in my luggage. Especially since I only get to take one bag! I hate all these new flight restrictions and extra fees! Stupid if you ask me! But we finally booked our hotel in Miami and now I think we are all set! I leave next Thursday for Miami. Then our cruise leaves on Friday. While in the Bahamas I plan on doing A LOT of relaxing by the pool and on the beach but we also decided to do some snorkeling and kayaking and of course shopping! So if anyone wants a souvenir put your requests in now and if anyone knows where to get an underwater camera let me know! So I know the countdown has already been going but now it really starts! Friends have always made fun of me because I tend to pack and get things ready way ahead of time. I even tend to start packing like a week or more in advance! Crazy I know, but I am so not the type who likes to rush and do things last minute. So maybe I'll go start packing I me there is only seven days and counting!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Seven Things

Well, I have few spare minutes before I have to get ready for the big singles dance tonight...Pathetic I know, but what's a single girl to do??? So I decided to complete my seven things that my lovely sisters tagged me for. I have no husband or babies so I hope its atleast somewhat interesting for you all! LOL

Seven Things:

7 Things I want to do before I die:

1. Get married
2. Go to Australia, Paris, Italy, Sweden, and Ireland
3. Have lots of children
4. Own a house
5. Get my masters
6. Build a school in a third world country
7. Be fluent in sign language and spanish

7 Things I do now:

1. Get up early
2. Wash my hands....oh so many times!!
3. Fix boo boos
4. Grade papers
5. Teach
6. Go to church (and sometimes FHE)
7. Blog!

7 Things I can not do:

1. See my nieces and nephews daily as they grow up
2. Loose weight!
3. Be there when my mom and sisters need me
4. Read my scriptures EVERY night (I'm working on it!)
5. Get married....too hard!
6. A pull up! Not even one!!
7. Buy any more shoes! :)

7 Things that attract me to a man....had to change it a bit! (and yes I know I wont find ALL of these things in a man!) :)

1. If he can hold an intellectual conversation
2. His smile
3. If he likes sports
4. If he can sing or even play the piano...HOT!
5. Yes of course his body! You'd know I was lying if I didn't put it!
6. The way he treats his parents and siblings
7. If he likes children

7 Things I say most often

1. "Sit on your pockets"
2. "Zip it, Lock it, Put it in your pocket!"
3. "Try your best"
4. "Sound it out"
5. "Ew gross, go wash your hands"
6. "Awesome Job"
7. "Have a great day!"

7 Celebrities I admire:

1. President Monson
2. Celine Dion
3. Martin Luther King
4. Helen Keller
5. Hayden Panatierre
6. Benjamin Franklin
7. Sandra Bullock

7 Favorite Foods:

1. Mashed potatoes
2. Salmon
3. Shrimp tacos
4. Enchiladas
5. Tortilla Soup
6. Fruit snacks
7. Rocky Road Ice Cream

7 People who should do this:

1.I think I am the last one to do this so anyone else who has a few spare minutes should do it!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Is it time to go yet?

Well if anyone has been keeping track of the date, like me, you would notice that it is almost October 23rd! Now you probably might be thinking..."what's so special about October 23rd?" Thats the day I leave for some much needed VACATION silly! And this is no boring vacation! Its the BAHAMAS baby! (Can you tell I'm REALLY excited??)I have 20 days left. This is the time where it gets really hard. I just want it to be here already! Oh family trips I would always be the first one to ask, "are we there yet?" so now I'm asking, "is it time to go yet??" Last night I was trying to book my shore excursions. But there are so many things I want to do and its hard to just pick a few. I definitely want to go snorkeling but what else? Here are some of my options....

1. kayak in a clear kayak and snorkel in the reef
2. Swim with dolphins or stingrays or sea lions
3. tours to zoo, pirate museum, Atlantis resort, etc
4. sailing
5. ride a segway transporter through the forests
6. submarine experience
7. parasail

The hard part is that times are set for each thing so some of them overlap so I can't do everything I want to. I have to pick the best ones. Which should I do? And then there is shopping! I guess my family knows what they are all getting for Christmas! LOL thats what happened when I went to Mexico one year! Sorry fam! LOL

So a week and a half until track break and then a week later its cruise time!! I hope you all are as excited as I am! :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So I stole this from Jessica's Page cause I too am just way too bored and this looked fun!

My name:

Favorite Food:

First Job:

Where I was born:

Favorite Color:


Bad Habit:

Favorite Place:

Favorite Animal:

Past Love:

What I am doing now:

Where I live:

Favorite Object:

Grandmother's Name:

My age:

K I tag my sisters! Cause I know you all want to do this too! Just type in the info into google image search and pick an image from the first page!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Whirl Wind Weekend with Family

I know it's been a while since I actually wrote a good blog but things have been just way too boring to write about. Pretty much I started school (so you can imagine all the fun that goes along with that), got a new calling at church (head of every activity imaginable in a singles ward), and have been counting down until I leave for the Bahamas (just about a month left!). So last weekend was really the first fun thing in a long time! It all started when I went to Salt Lake airport to pick up Terra and meet my adorable nephew Dakota for the first time! (Can I just say real quick how much I love the SLC airport! Terra's bags we out fast and I love the little parking lot where you can wait for flights to arrive!) Anyway, I was so thrilled to finally see and play with Dakota! He is such a ham! But only in those cute checks! I couldn't believe how fast he is growing up! And he was such a good baby in the car! And he was so content to be held and just sit and watch everything going on around him. Immediately after getting them we set out for St. George where we would be meeting practically everyone in our family. Mom and Terry came in that night and we ate a yummy steak dinner! Then later that night Kristi and Brittany arrived at about midnight (I think...I was soooo tired!) And YEAH because they brought with them my other cute little nephew Jonathan! I was in heaven. Surrounded by family and my two new nephews. I wish the girls and Hayden could have come, I miss them everyday. (I love talking to them on the webcam though! and watching Kristi's cute videos of Hayden!) I'm glad that Brittany had to leave later that day so that Kristi could come with her. I love how the Lord works sometimes! Well after a long night of chatting with the fam, watching Achmed,and screaming at bugs in our room, I woke up early to attend a session at the St. George temple with my mom and step dad. The temple was absolutely gorgeous! It is so much fun to be able to go through other temples and see how beautiful they are inside! I wish everyone had that chance! And it was fun to be able to go with my mom. Afterwards we had breakfast with the fam. Now when I say "the fam" I'm not just talking about my mom and sisters, but my grandma, aunts and uncles were all there with their husbands and a few of my cousins! And of course we aren't the quietest family ever! But it was great to be with everyone. Then of course we did a little shopping and then the best part...we ate lunch at Cafe Rio! YUM! I love it there. My new fav- pork tacos! YUM! After hanging out at the hotel and even taking Dakota to the pool, we had dinner at some mexican resturant (the best thing was the drinks and my sisters!) I think we have too much fun when we all get together! We are crazy! Afterwards we headed to Tuachan to see Les Miserables! Which I absolutely LOVED! It was so good. And I got to hold Jonathan the whole time! I couldn't believe he slept practically through the whole thing! I wish I were like that! So needless to say, after a three hour play and watching some more Achmed I got very little sleep! Oh and my allergies were killing me! I think I sneezed 7 times in a row during the play! Well, we woke up early...again....and headed up to Orem to see Donny! The rest of his family got to meet the roomies and see his apartment. I think my mom feels better now seeing everything for herself and that she got to take him grocery shopping! It was fun to hang out with him and everyone. Oh and of course we went to CPK for Brittany's birthday! (She she got so much free ice cream this weekend!)Happy 21st Breezy! Overall it was a fantastic weekend. Of course I was beat afterwards and it's taken me like a whole week to catch up on the sleep i've missed but it was well worth it! I miss everyone. Wish they were around more or that I could go home more often. I'm trying to figure out how to make it home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas so we'll see what happens! But so far I miss these little tikes! I hope they don't grow up too fast!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Rough and Interesting Day

So this weekend has been a lot of fun. I was able to drive to St. George and meet up with pretty much all of my family! It was tons of fun and I will post more and put up some pictures later. But after this weekend and lots of driving I have been EXHAUSTED!! Yesterday I even fell asleep for like 3 hours. And if you know me, you know I never take naps! So this morning I was dreading having to get up and go to work. It took me forever to get up and get ready. I even fell back asleep for thirty minutes after my shower! Well, I finally made it to work and right before the bell rang...our principal told us that it smelled like gas down by the office and that we needed to evacuate the building and we couldn't let the kids come inside. The gas company and fire department were called but it took 90 minutes before we were allowed to enter the building! Now you are probably thinking "What did you do outside for 90 minutes?" Well, we looked through each other's library books, played down by the banks, duck duck goose, hopscotch, a game of "pig" (horse was too hard for the kids to spell) ;) , and basketball. By the time we were allowed to go inside I was BEAT! And my allergies were killing me! So needless to say it has been a rough and interesting day!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Getting Closer!

So its getting closer to my cruise to the Bahamas! I am getting so excited! The only thing left to do is book all the activities I want to do when we get to the islands. There are so many to choose from. There is of course snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, playing with sea lions and sting rays, tours of the island's pirate exhibits, forests, and zoo, sailing, kayaking, and tons more! So if anyone has some ideas on the best things let me know! I also need some ideas of books that I can take to read. I love sitting by the pool and reading but I hate going to the bookstore and trying to pick a book the "sounds" good and then I just get disappointed! So if anyone has some suggestions for a good book that they've read please tell me!!! I think its about time to start my cruise countdown!! YEAH!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Twilight Movie

Yeah I am so excited that the release date for Twilight the movie has been pushed forward! If you haven't heard it is now coming out on November 21st. If you want to see the trailer or a pretty good video about the movie go to the official website at Kristi and Brittany are you going to wait and see it til I come home for Thanksgiving??? :(

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Day at the Lake

So yesterday, our Aunt Kari invited Donny and I to go out on the lake with her and her family. At first we were iffy about going because we had heard that at this time of year the lake can get kind of slimy and gross but we decided to go anyway. We got to the lake early and waited for kari to get there. Then we loaded into the boat and hit the lake. I was surprised by how big Utah Lake actually was. There were lots of people on the lake but the whole time we were out there, we only came across 2-3 boats. It was so nice. It was our first time out wakeboarding so once we got out there our cousins Ty and Kyle went first. They made it all look so easy! Then of course Donny gets out there and gets up on his second try! He did an awesome job! Then it was my turn. I have to say that it took me a couple of tries but once I got up it was actually easier than I'd expected!(I also tried the knee board and I have to say wakeboarding is so much easier than that!) I did walk away with a bit of a sunburn, a few bruises, and boy am I sore today but needless to say Donny and I had a great time out on the lake!