Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Puzzles, Puzzles, Puzzles

So over the Christmas break my family had kind of a wierd obsession...we were doing puzzles like crazy! It all started with the stupid 1000 piece Jelly Belly puzzle that our Uncle Jerry sent. Sad to say that I am actually the one who opened it up and got us all going on this sad, sad craze! It took us about 4 days to complete the dang puzzle! (Needless to say we each had our different opinions on how to solve puzzles!)

But yes we finally finished the Jelly Belly puzzle. And what do you think we did after that??? Yes we began yet another one! Except this time it was only 550 pieces but sadly Britt and I finished it in 3 hours! Yes I know we can be pretty pathetic sometimes! And then what do my parents go and do....start yet another 1000 piece one! This time it was of the New York Hard Rock Cafe.

The funny thing about puzzles is that anytime someone sees one they can't help but try to find atleast one piece that fits together. Then you want to find another one. Then another and another and before you know it you too are sucked into finishing the dang puzzle. So a word to the wise....NEVER BEGIN A PUZZLE!!!


Sarah said...

This is so funny! My family was doing puzzles too and you totally get sucked in. It's so annoying! I still love them though.