Friday, August 26, 2011

So much going on!

There has been so much going on these past few weeks that I feel so out of touch with things going on around me! First off, Derick and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary! Crazy huh? 2 years already! Derick was so cute and he really knows how much I like to celebrate special things like this. So he got me a beautiful purple orchid (my favorite), chocolates, and even a cute onesie and bib for Kaylie! I love this guy!

We've also started softball season so every Monday Derick and his brothers play in a rec league which is really fun! Then yesterday we celebrated Derick's 29th birthday by going to Chili's with our family and friends! Oh and then of course there is work. Both Derick and I are fully back and work now! We love our jobs but can't believe it is yet another school year already! My kids have been really good but I come home completely exhausted!

Oh yeah and swollen feet! Yes! swollen feet! It sucks big time. I can't fit into most of my shoes! But the nice thing is that my principal gave me a student teacher! So the next couple of weeks will be hard but once she takes over I can hopefully get things ready for my maternity leave! Thank goodness! I keep saying, if I can just make it to track break in October! So as you can see, so many things in just a few weeks! Yes I am tired! This weekend Derick is hunting and I plan on......RELAXING!!

Don't laugh at my huge belly! I seriously can't believe I still could grow more in 2 months! But I am loving my pregnancy! Kaylie is litterally bouncing off the walls! She moves all the time and lately has been getting the hiccups daily. (yes she even has them right now) Last night was the first time Derick has been able to feel her. She loves to play hide and seek with daddy cause she usually stops moving when Derick is around! He couldn't believe he actually felt her last night and kept saying it was me moving my belly. Does he understand that I can't just make one little spot move? LOL :)

We are getting more and more excited to have her here already! We have the nursery decorated and everything big we need. In 2 weeks my family is throwing me a shower in vegas with lots of my vegas friends. I am really excited! I am also excited to have it there so that my friend Chelsea can be there. I was never able to go to her baby showers so I am excited to have her there for mine! I just hope things slow down a bit before Kaylie gets here! Keep your fingers crossed!