Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wowie Wow Wow!

Well in the words of Junie B. Jones- Wowie Wow Wow! (sorry for all of you who don't know who that is!) It has been a crazy past couple of months. For some odd reason I always get ideas for projects I would like to do and then try to do them all at the same time. It all started right after Thanksgiving. We have a cute store called Crafters Corner and instead of doing the whole black Friday thing, I decided to pop over there and do some crafting. The items were on sale and then they had free craft day where you could use any of their supplies, paint, etc. It was so nice a relaxing and I was one of the only ladies there! So much better than trying to beat the crowds!

My next project idea was to stitch these cute tags. I saw some pictures online and decided to mimick them. But instead of using them as gift tags I decided to use them as ornaments on my Christmas tree. I stitched each one and then used crayons to color them! Then I glued on some rope hooks. I think they turned out so cute and they look great on the tree!

The finished project!
I also decided to make some Christmas presents! I have Kristi's family for Christmas and decided to make the girls and boys something! So I can't show the pictures yet! But be sure that pictures will come soon! I hope everyone has a great Christmas!

Gingerbread Madness

Wow! Is there really only a couple of days left until Christmas? This time of year definitely flies by! The house is all decorated, presents are all wrapped, tree is decorated and lit, and now I am just waiting and waiting to be done with work! Every year the girls I work with and I do a book exchange! I love doing this because we all get something nice and that we will all use instead of doing some dumb white elephant exchange! Sorry to all of those who love the white elephant thing! But after being a teacher, you would hate dumb trinkets too! LOL
Tina (and of course Lindsay!)
Kirsti (and more Lindsay!)
Lindsay and Tina

We also were able to decorate some amazing gingerbread houses that Shelley made! We had tons of candy and lots of fun! I learned that I am totally not creative! But everyone's houses turned out so cute! I love holiday traditions!
My House
Meg's House
Kirsti's House
Tina's House
Lindsay's House

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


November is finally here...oh wait where did you go? Can't believe Thursday is Thanksgiving already! Then December and Christmas will be here soon! Last year my parents were here in Utah! It was fun spending Thanksgiving with them since I haven't been able to in years! But I am super excited to be going home for Christmas! Derick isn't as pleased since our drive is quite long! But he'll be excited when we get there! He can be such a holiday scrooge! Anyone know the number for the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future! LOL He'll start loving holidays so help me! :)

In all of my excitement to be going home for Christmas I have broken one of my cardinal rules! I have been listening to Christmas music already and can't wait to break out the Christmas decorations! But I know Derick would kill me if I got them out already! (Guess I'll just wait a few more days!) I have also gotten most of my Christmas shopping done! I made my nephews and neices presents and then know what I want to make Chris and Kristi, I just have to go get all the materials! So I am super excited! Then I already got my parents done! Yeah! Now I just have to get Derick something and stocking stuff! Yeah! But I refuse to go out on black friday! All of you who do are crazy! Especially here in Utah! It is soooo cold that early! I might venture out later on in the day because Crafters Corner has some good deals on Christmas decorations--yes derick doesn't need to know that! He'd kill me if i brought home one more decoration! Scrooge!!! LOL So if anyone wants to go let me know!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October Projects

Derick always says I have way too many projects going on. I've always got some kind of sewing project or crochet project or scrapbook project that I am working on. So I told Derick that I could get it all done within the 3 weeks that I am off track. So far I've been off for a week and a half and I'm almost done with my crochet project (which I can show cause it just might be a present for someone). My next project was going to be some kind of Halloween table runner, but then I got a cute spiderweb one and decided to turn the project into pillows. So of course I got to work while Derick was out of town for the weekend.

This is my first Halloween pillow. On this one I just stitched and little picture and then used fabric. Turned out pretty cute I think!

This was my second Halloween pillow. On this one I got a little creative and decided to use fabric, ribbon, black lace, white tool, and even black buttons. (I think Derick likes the back better!)

My next project (which I tell Derick is a continuous, never ending project) is my scrapbooking. I have so many pictures and pages to do that I've been trying to make lists. ( I think it helps me to see things getting crossed off) Since I finished my "Williquette Family Scrapbook" I moved on to my "Schmidt Family Scrapbook". Which turned out pretty cute! But I can't wait to add more to it. I love having both of them done so that now everytime I get new pictures all I have to do is print them off and glue them in.

The next things on my scrapbooking list is a scrapbook of all the Trips I've taken mixed with all the fun things I've done with my family when I went home during summers and off track times. So I am doing tennis with Brittany and Donny, going to the Cavaliers/Jazz game with Donny, Sarah's baptism, and lots of others. Keep posted for more pictures, oh and to my sisters...please send me lots more pictures of the kids!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fun Filled Summer... Sorry it's over

This summer has been full of activity! Derick and I had lots of fun doing things together once school got out! Of course we did the annual Bear Lake trip with the Milne’s! Anything involving water and being outside is always good for me! This year we spent lots of time on the beach of the Lake. Derick and I did the wave runners and even played with Cooper and Ava in the Sand.
Last year I got a hole in one on the 18th hole and won a free game. This year Derick did that and beat me! Ava was so cute with her golf ball and every time I asked Cooper what he got on the hole it was 4. I think that was his favorite number for the week.

We went to Manti for 24th of July (pioneer day here in Utah) and camped out. Last year I told Derick that if I caught a fish I would cut it. (of course I had no clue what this entailed) So I freaked out and didn’t do it. This year he was cute and bought me my own fishing pole! So I was bound and determined to catch something. After a long weekend of nothing I finally caught one. I screamed and yelled for Derick to see and help me and of course he is no where around. So as I am trying to get Derick’s attention, what does my fish do??? JUMP OFF and SWAM AWAY! Of course Derick didn’t believe me but I did gut one fish that he caught! Well I was wearing gloves but hey at least I did it right???

We also had a lot of fun in Manti for the opening day of the bow hunt. It turned out to actually be warm with just a little bit of rain here and there. But over all it was lots of fun and a pretty relaxing weekend. Of course I was still too chicken to go down the zip line. Who knows maybe in a few years! LOL

I’ve also spent a lot of time scrapbooking and sewing. A few years ago my sister Kristi made me a scrapbook of the kids. So I decided to take all the extra paper and add some new, up to date pictures of the kids. I also had to add little Jonathan to it all! But I think so far it’s pretty cute and I even left some blank pages to add more pictures each time I get some! I also scrapbooked some pictures that were long overdue for it. For example, college pics! Yes college was about 7-10 years ago!

I also did some from when I lived in Vegas. I’m trying to get everything caught up before I start a scrapbook of Derick and I. Who knows, it might take one more year of being married before I get to it! LOL. Next on my list is Terra’s family and all my pics of Dakota! But first I have to finish my quilt! Look forward to many more pics!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

A Year Already!

Wow I can't believe Derick and I have been married for a year already! But it truly has been a great year. Derick and I both had the day off so we went to a nice lunch at Chili's (where we had our first date) and then Derick was a sweetheart and went and saw a girl movie with me. We didn't do anything over the top or go on any special trips but this was perfect for Derick and I. Any day that I can just spend with Derick is great. He also surprised me with a roses. (He claims he's not romantic but he really is!)

That is just 1 thing I've learned about Derick and I truly have learned so much each and

everyday. And I couldn't be more grateful for this year with him. I started looking back and thinking of all the things that have happened this year. Here are a few things I've realized, am grateful for, or have enjoyed with Derick.

1. I never could have thought I'd love someone as much as Derick. I'm thankful for this year with just he and I. We've loved spending time together and have gotten to know each other so well. He shocks me everyday and I'm still finding out more things about him that I love.

2. I love and am grateful for Derick's fun sense of humor. He balances my stressed, organized life with fun and spur of the moment things. He's taught me to let things go and to have fun in all things. 1 thing that shocked me is this:

Yes, Derick really wears his socks like this around the house! :) He really makes me laugh!

3. I've learned a lot about compromise. Derick and I have similar personalities but we've learned how to give and take in different circumstances. We've learned that we aren't trying to change each other but that we are willing to let go and do things a different way. (yes I've learned that my way is not always the best way!)

4. I love being a wife. I really do love cooking and taking care of things around the house and my husband. But like everyone else I definitely have my days, and I'm thankful when Derick steps up and does the cooking or takes care of things for me.

5. I love to lay around the house and veg with my husband. Most of the time Derick is out watching sports but I love to cuddle up with him or read a book while he's watching TV. Yes sometimes I bug him (but that's what a wife is for right?) :) But I love when I'm watching TV in the bedroom and he comes to see me and cuddle for a minute.

6. I've always liked going on trips and new places but since marrying Derick I have done so many new things I can't even keep track. I've loved going camping, riding the motorcycle, going to Bear Lake, and yes I've loved watching sports!

It's been great being married to Derick!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where does the time go?

Well...I'm still here. This much has been a busy month. Full of trips, projects, and the school year ending. And the summer is already looking pretty busy! But I promise to take lots of pictures!

This is a wreath I made for our door out of strips of cloth!
Derick has been talking about making a coffee table/ottoman out of his sheds. So with work over for him, he has been building away! Here's his completed work! (I upholstered the top so it turned into a couples project!) Now he is on to making lamp with his sheds! Pics to come later.
We also celebrated our niece Ava's 1st birthday! I can't believe she is 1 already! Isn't she darling?
She had the cutest little Strawberry Shortcake Cake and boy did she dig into that! I think she ate 3/4 of that thing all by herself!
I just love her on her little trike! She'll be zipping around on that in no time!
Well the end of the school year is just about over. I am having mixed emotions. I've really enjoyed this group of kids. There have been many challenges this year but also a whole lot of fun! My room mom made me this cute apron. It says "Your are the apple of our eyes!" And all the kids make fingerprint apples! I love it!
Here are my cutie pies all dressed in their cowboy attire for our dance festival where we did Hannah Montana's Howedown Throwdown! So cute!
Oh and I hope everyone has a great 4th!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Derick and I had a fun Memorial Day weekend. Saturday morning we headed for Manti to do a little camping with Derick's brothers. We stayed at the Temple Hill Campgrounds which was amazing to have a view of the temple everyday! Saturday we ate at the Malt Shop (which Derick knew I've been wanting a shake from) and took a drive up the canyon. We didn't make it too far thanks to all the snow but we had fun going through the mud and shooting the guns! Sunday we headed to the Palisades campground where there is a nice lake. Lindy and Justin rented a paddle boat which was fun to take Cooper out on!
He loved trying to fish with Derick (yes while I was the one doing the work!) I love being outside in the sun! I am so glad it is summer! Finally! And it better stay this way for a long time! We spent a lot of time sitting out around the campfire, talking, and eating!
Monday we packed up and headed over to Manti High so the boys could play tennis with their cousin Steven. And what we found was perfect for us girls and the kids! It was a nice pool. Complete with kid area, whirl pool, and water slide, and not to mention the water was a nice 84 degrees! It was the first day opening so we pulled out the suits and jumped right in! It was fun to take Cooper down the slide and see Ava kicking in the water!
We went to Derick's parents' house that night and had a BBQ. Everyone started playing a little backyard whiffle ball which turned into boys against girls. Which ended up with Justin hitting the ball over the neighbor's fence a few times! All in all it was a way fun weekend! (Sorry for the lack of real pictures! I'll try to be better this summer!)

Monday, May 10, 2010

California Dreaming

It's been a while since I was actually able to go home to see my family. Some family I haven't seen since the wedding and I haven't seen my parents since Thanksgiving. So I was thrilled when Derick got me a plane ticket to go home to California. We were hoping to make it down to Arizona to Terra's but just couldn't make it work so now Derick owes me a trip there! LOL kidding! But it was really nice to spend a week at home. Mostly I just liked being able to hang out with my siblings and parents. Kristi and I spent a lot of time watching our favorite show "One Tree Hill" and playing with the boys! I also got to watch movies with Britt and go around town with Donny. We ate out a lot and even managed to do a little shopping! On Sunday we headed down to the beach. I hadn't been to Morro Bay in soooo long! It was fun to play frisbee on the beach, eat seafood, and walk the pier. Here are a few pics from the trip!
Sarah, me, Kristi, Jonathan, Hayden, Brittany, Mom, and Miranda
Don't step on the cracks! :)
Us again!
Jonathan and Me!
Hayden and his taffy!
Britt, Sarah, and Miranda on the whale!
The shortest pier ever! Oh and the biggest rock!
Huge seal!
Fun on the beach!