Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gingerbread Madness

Wow! Is there really only a couple of days left until Christmas? This time of year definitely flies by! The house is all decorated, presents are all wrapped, tree is decorated and lit, and now I am just waiting and waiting to be done with work! Every year the girls I work with and I do a book exchange! I love doing this because we all get something nice and that we will all use instead of doing some dumb white elephant exchange! Sorry to all of those who love the white elephant thing! But after being a teacher, you would hate dumb trinkets too! LOL
Tina (and of course Lindsay!)
Kirsti (and more Lindsay!)
Lindsay and Tina

We also were able to decorate some amazing gingerbread houses that Shelley made! We had tons of candy and lots of fun! I learned that I am totally not creative! But everyone's houses turned out so cute! I love holiday traditions!
My House
Meg's House
Kirsti's House
Tina's House
Lindsay's House