Monday, May 10, 2010

California Dreaming

It's been a while since I was actually able to go home to see my family. Some family I haven't seen since the wedding and I haven't seen my parents since Thanksgiving. So I was thrilled when Derick got me a plane ticket to go home to California. We were hoping to make it down to Arizona to Terra's but just couldn't make it work so now Derick owes me a trip there! LOL kidding! But it was really nice to spend a week at home. Mostly I just liked being able to hang out with my siblings and parents. Kristi and I spent a lot of time watching our favorite show "One Tree Hill" and playing with the boys! I also got to watch movies with Britt and go around town with Donny. We ate out a lot and even managed to do a little shopping! On Sunday we headed down to the beach. I hadn't been to Morro Bay in soooo long! It was fun to play frisbee on the beach, eat seafood, and walk the pier. Here are a few pics from the trip!
Sarah, me, Kristi, Jonathan, Hayden, Brittany, Mom, and Miranda
Don't step on the cracks! :)
Us again!
Jonathan and Me!
Hayden and his taffy!
Britt, Sarah, and Miranda on the whale!
The shortest pier ever! Oh and the biggest rock!
Huge seal!
Fun on the beach!


Andrea said...

It looks so fun. I love the beach! I'm glad you made it home to see your family. Thanks for the cute birthday card. I loved it. I hope you guys are doing well.