Tuesday, November 23, 2010


November is finally here...oh wait where did you go? Can't believe Thursday is Thanksgiving already! Then December and Christmas will be here soon! Last year my parents were here in Utah! It was fun spending Thanksgiving with them since I haven't been able to in years! But I am super excited to be going home for Christmas! Derick isn't as pleased since our drive is quite long! But he'll be excited when we get there! He can be such a holiday scrooge! Anyone know the number for the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future! LOL He'll start loving holidays so help me! :)

In all of my excitement to be going home for Christmas I have broken one of my cardinal rules! I have been listening to Christmas music already and can't wait to break out the Christmas decorations! But I know Derick would kill me if I got them out already! (Guess I'll just wait a few more days!) I have also gotten most of my Christmas shopping done! I made my nephews and neices presents and then know what I want to make Chris and Kristi, I just have to go get all the materials! So I am super excited! Then I already got my parents done! Yeah! Now I just have to get Derick something and stocking stuff! Yeah! But I refuse to go out on black friday! All of you who do are crazy! Especially here in Utah! It is soooo cold that early! I might venture out later on in the day because Crafters Corner has some good deals on Christmas decorations--yes derick doesn't need to know that! He'd kill me if i brought home one more decoration! Scrooge!!! LOL So if anyone wants to go let me know!


Chelsea said...

Let me know when you are driving through for christmas. I would love to see you and you are welcome to stay here if you want to break up the drive!

Andrea said...

I wish you could've came too. I told derick that you guys need to come out here and see us. Maybe one day you'll get to. that is so fun you're going home for christmas. I hope the drive isn't too long or crazy for you.