Thursday, June 12, 2008

Medical Mysteries

If anyone is looking into becoming an elementary teacher I have a word of advice for you! Make sure your shots are updated!!!! LOL :) No seriously! After having taught for over 4 years now you would think that I have a pretty dang good immune system built up. And I thought the same thing until recently!
I'm not sure if it is my recent move from teaching third grade to first but I swear I have been exposed to some pretty wierd, awful, and disturbing things! I can't help but laugh when I think of some of the things parents have told me that their child has contracted! I've had students with chicken pox, lice, rashes, colds, and so much more. But today was the topper!
I had a parent call the school today and tell me that her child has hand, foot, and mouth disease! Which consists of rashes and sores on your feet, hands, and your mouth! Now I won't show you any pictures but...YUCK! And yes, you'd better believe that it is highly contagious! Now I am so paranoid. I think I have washed my hands 20 or more times today! Oh and you'd better believe we cleaned the heck out of our desks and I made the kids wash their hands a ton too! I so hope that no other kids get it. And most of all, I had better not get it! My immune system better be ready!!


Brittany said...

not just in your mouth, but on your tongue! Maybe you already have it!!