Sunday, June 29, 2008

Much needed Vacation

So the past couple of weeks have been kind of crazy with school ending and all that. But over the past few days things have been pretty good. I love the fact that I have made it through my first year teaching first grade and it has been so amazing! I love the girls that I work with and I have enjoyed the kids. I'm nervous about beginning another year but I am so thrilled to have the next month off! After Tuesday I am free to hang out by the pool and do absolutely nothing!

So this week my roommate Jodi and I were quite active. We went down to Herriman Days and walked around to all the booths and watched the fireworks. Lately we have been talking about planning a trip to somewhere. So...of course I decided to look into cheap cruises. And I found a really cheap cruise to the Bahamas. We were thrilled and instead of just talking about it and thinking that would be cool...we booked it! So we are headed to Florida/Bahamas for 3-4 days in October during one of my track breaks! So if anyone wants to join us let me know!!!


Kristi & Chris said...

what did you get and how much was it?? Chris and I have been looking into cruises too- we celebrate our 10 yr. anniversary in oct.!

The Barbers said...

Hey Sheryl! Its fun to see you on here! Hope everything is going well. Sounds fun to go on a cruise! We cruised to the Bahamas and LOVED it :)

The Barbers said...

Everything is really good :) I am still loving my job its been really busy but thats a good thing for me! Its nice this is my first summer just working no school so I love it. when do you go on your cruise? How did your first year go teaching in UT?