Friday, June 13, 2008


So the worst thing ever has happened! Ok so I'm being a little over dramatic but it still sucks! Today was a pretty good day until I remembered that a few girls from work and myself had signed up to take a class today. I had so much to do to get ready for camp week and now leaving early had me a little frazzled. So (here comes the bad part) I left my phone at work! I know, horrible right?? I mean I have no way to contact people and even if I had a home phone, I know absolutely nobody's phone numbers! Sorry guys!


Sarah said...

I totally forgot when I text you yesterday that you didn't have your phone! I thought it was strange you didn't respond! I had even talked to you about it! I'm such a ditz! Is it happy to be home again?

Brittany said...

I forgot too... Mom called a couple of times yesterday and I was a bit worried until I remembered that I read your blog like 8 hours earlier. Oops!