Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Day at the Lake

So yesterday, our Aunt Kari invited Donny and I to go out on the lake with her and her family. At first we were iffy about going because we had heard that at this time of year the lake can get kind of slimy and gross but we decided to go anyway. We got to the lake early and waited for kari to get there. Then we loaded into the boat and hit the lake. I was surprised by how big Utah Lake actually was. There were lots of people on the lake but the whole time we were out there, we only came across 2-3 boats. It was so nice. It was our first time out wakeboarding so once we got out there our cousins Ty and Kyle went first. They made it all look so easy! Then of course Donny gets out there and gets up on his second try! He did an awesome job! Then it was my turn. I have to say that it took me a couple of tries but once I got up it was actually easier than I'd expected!(I also tried the knee board and I have to say wakeboarding is so much easier than that!) I did walk away with a bit of a sunburn, a few bruises, and boy am I sore today but needless to say Donny and I had a great time out on the lake!


Kristi & Chris said...

You guys look like you had a blast!! I'm jealous!

The Givens said...

How much fun. Im jealous too.
Do you think that you can send me an e-mail of all the birthdays on the Castro-Conde side? I thought you would be a good candidate for that. Ill ask Kirsti too as well.
Loves Cody

The Givens said...

I sent you an email so you can just reply . Thank you again. :)