Saturday, September 20, 2008

Whirl Wind Weekend with Family

I know it's been a while since I actually wrote a good blog but things have been just way too boring to write about. Pretty much I started school (so you can imagine all the fun that goes along with that), got a new calling at church (head of every activity imaginable in a singles ward), and have been counting down until I leave for the Bahamas (just about a month left!). So last weekend was really the first fun thing in a long time! It all started when I went to Salt Lake airport to pick up Terra and meet my adorable nephew Dakota for the first time! (Can I just say real quick how much I love the SLC airport! Terra's bags we out fast and I love the little parking lot where you can wait for flights to arrive!) Anyway, I was so thrilled to finally see and play with Dakota! He is such a ham! But only in those cute checks! I couldn't believe how fast he is growing up! And he was such a good baby in the car! And he was so content to be held and just sit and watch everything going on around him. Immediately after getting them we set out for St. George where we would be meeting practically everyone in our family. Mom and Terry came in that night and we ate a yummy steak dinner! Then later that night Kristi and Brittany arrived at about midnight (I think...I was soooo tired!) And YEAH because they brought with them my other cute little nephew Jonathan! I was in heaven. Surrounded by family and my two new nephews. I wish the girls and Hayden could have come, I miss them everyday. (I love talking to them on the webcam though! and watching Kristi's cute videos of Hayden!) I'm glad that Brittany had to leave later that day so that Kristi could come with her. I love how the Lord works sometimes! Well after a long night of chatting with the fam, watching Achmed,and screaming at bugs in our room, I woke up early to attend a session at the St. George temple with my mom and step dad. The temple was absolutely gorgeous! It is so much fun to be able to go through other temples and see how beautiful they are inside! I wish everyone had that chance! And it was fun to be able to go with my mom. Afterwards we had breakfast with the fam. Now when I say "the fam" I'm not just talking about my mom and sisters, but my grandma, aunts and uncles were all there with their husbands and a few of my cousins! And of course we aren't the quietest family ever! But it was great to be with everyone. Then of course we did a little shopping and then the best part...we ate lunch at Cafe Rio! YUM! I love it there. My new fav- pork tacos! YUM! After hanging out at the hotel and even taking Dakota to the pool, we had dinner at some mexican resturant (the best thing was the drinks and my sisters!) I think we have too much fun when we all get together! We are crazy! Afterwards we headed to Tuachan to see Les Miserables! Which I absolutely LOVED! It was so good. And I got to hold Jonathan the whole time! I couldn't believe he slept practically through the whole thing! I wish I were like that! So needless to say, after a three hour play and watching some more Achmed I got very little sleep! Oh and my allergies were killing me! I think I sneezed 7 times in a row during the play! Well, we woke up early...again....and headed up to Orem to see Donny! The rest of his family got to meet the roomies and see his apartment. I think my mom feels better now seeing everything for herself and that she got to take him grocery shopping! It was fun to hang out with him and everyone. Oh and of course we went to CPK for Brittany's birthday! (She she got so much free ice cream this weekend!)Happy 21st Breezy! Overall it was a fantastic weekend. Of course I was beat afterwards and it's taken me like a whole week to catch up on the sleep i've missed but it was well worth it! I miss everyone. Wish they were around more or that I could go home more often. I'm trying to figure out how to make it home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas so we'll see what happens! But so far I miss these little tikes! I hope they don't grow up too fast!


Kristi Williquette said...

You saved the best picture for last. It is the cutest one ever!!! We miss you tons!

Josh and Terra Schmidt said...

We miss you sooo much! I'm doing my blog today with oh so cute pictures of dakota with his auntie! We love you! XOXOXO

Chelsea said...

It looks like you had so much fun with your family. I miss my family too. I love all the pictures.