Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nontraditional Thanksgivings!

I can't believe it is already the Thanksgiving holiday weekend! Just a few more days and it will be December! So crazy! Well in my last blog I wrote that in the past seven years I have had seven different Thanksgiving I've spent it at mom's house, aunts' houses, at grandparents, I've even had it in Mexico while eating crab and lobster instead of Turkey and gravy! Well this year was no different for me. .My aunt Tara and uncle Dusty invited us to go to Wendover with their family and eat at a great buffet. It was actually nice to not have to cook or clean up! We also go a nice hotel room where we played poker until about 2:30 am! Not with real money of course! Thank goodness! It was my first time playing Texas Hold'em so if we were playing with money I would totally be broke! LOL but Dusty, Donny, and Tara were all pretty good. Overall Donny took all of our "money" but it was tons of fun. Donny also had a fun time playing with Tara's wheelchair. He has a new found talent of popping a wheelie and holding his balance. He was even able to do it with no hands and fell just a few times! But overall it was a fun Thanksgiving weekend!