Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Schools Out!

 School's out for Summer! Needless to say I am soooo excited! I finally get some time to spend with Kaylie and Derick! The last few weeks of school were crazy but we had lots of fun! Our second to last week of school we do camp week. Where we pretend that we have come to summer camp. This year I found some super cute camping projects on the blog thefirstgradeparade.blogspot.com and decided to change things up this year. This year our class mascot was the porcupines. We read some cute books about them and the kids had to write how they would hug a porcupine. This one says, "I would hug a porcupine by putting plastic on it." So cute.
 These were out cute campers in a sleeping bag. They had a poem that they had to fill in the blanks with verbs and nouns, etc. They turned out cute too!
 I loved these cute skunks and the stinky skunk facts! This stinky fact says, " A skunk can spray you in the eye and it stings it and hurts for a long time." HAHA love it!
 We also tie dye t-shirts every year and take a "hike" to the park! I love the way that my blue shirts turned out this year. I am sad to see my class go this year. They were such a good class. Now I have to get in the mindset for little kindergarteners to come to me! Yikes! :) Maybe I'll enjoy my summer first and then worry about that!