Thursday, July 26, 2012

Playing Catch Up!

Big Girl- With all the craziness going on this month I didn't have a lot of time to blog about all that has happened! First of all Kaylie turned 8 months old! She is growing up so fast and doing so many new things. She is growing like a weed and is about 29 inches long and 19 lbs. She has the longest arms and legs and we have no idea where she is getting all this height from but we love it!
Favorite things-She loves to take baths in her new tub but hates them without it! She loves to lay back and just lounge in the water playing with her toys! She gets that from her mom! She loves to pull out all of her toys and goes around playing with each one (or should I say she puts each one in her mouth then moves on to the next one) Most recently she loves to sleep with her "softie" blankets. You give it to her and she just buries her face in it and takes a nap! She is also the happiest girl ever. I took her with me to the dentist today and she sat right in her chair and played with her toys. Everyone says what a great baby she is and that's totally true. (Although she definitely has her sassy, whiny moments but she saves those for mommy and daddy) Miss Independent- She also surprised me and started to hold her own bottle! :( this makes me happy- yeah I don't have to sit and do it for her but it also makes me sad- I don't get to sit and do it for her anymore! She is getting all the more independent!
She also can grab her own little treats and put them in her mouth all by herself! She also started crawling- well...more like army crawling but put the remote out and she zooms right to it! I wonder if she will ever get on her knees or if she will army crawl the whole time. Although I don't expect her to crawl for very long cause she is already pulling herself up on things and loves standing up. Oh and don't forget the tooth that popped up this week! See I told you she is getting way too big! I had no clue that when she hit 8 months so much would happen. But one this is for sure, I am so glad to have had this time off work so that I could be around for it all. I truly love my job and that I can still be around for all of Kaylie's big moments!
5K-I ran my first 5k this month. And I didn't do too bad-well at least for my first one. I did it with my sister in law Andrea and our future sister in law Shanda (yep Devin proposed while we were at Bear Lake!) Afterwards I really wanted to do another one but now I'm like- what was I thinking? I hate running! LOL but this one will be fun and yes probably my last one for a while! I'm just excited to say I did one before I turned 30! Now I can say I accomplished something!

 4th of July- We didn't really have any plans for the 4th but decided to head over to Derick's parents house and have a little BBQ (ok so we just got KFC but same thing right!) It's just also fun to hang out with family for holidays especially since mine isn't here. That's why holidays are hard for me. I miss my family especially when I know they are all at home together! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the day!
 She wouldn't sit still cause all she wanted was the grass! She loves it!
 Kaylie is daddy's buddy!
 Kaylie and her cousins Kendall and Hailey

 She loves being outside but slept through the fireworks!
MMM...she loved the cantalope and just wanted to bite into it!
 Isn't she cute? Told you she is daddy's buddy.
Yes we are starting her out early to be a Utes fan! She loves her friend Swoop!


The Schofield Family said...

She is so dang cute and she cracks me up!!! Seriously can't wait till you guys will leave her with me for a weekend while you get away!! HINT HINT!!!! :)