Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bear Lake

 We just got back from our annual trip to Bear Lake with Derick's family. This year was Kaylie's first year and we all had so much fun. She loved having everyone around and being outside. I was amazed that she still took naps and slept through the night.
 She is definitely spoiled by daddy...mostly cause he fed her Otter Pops!
 Kaylie loved the beach and even the cold lake water. She also loved baby Emma and her toys!
 Just jumping with cousin Kendall and cousin Ava! She loved playing with the big girls.
 We always love mini golfing while we were there and Kaylie loved sitting in her big girl stroller and her cute pink ball!

 This year we decided to head up to Minnetonka Cave and do some exploring. We heard the cave was pretty cold inside so we all bundled up and headed out.
 Kaylie loved watching all the chipmunks that were around. She never knew where to look.
 The cave was so neat inside. There was lots to see and tons of stairs to climb. They said there was about 888 stairs throughout the whole cave. And yes we had to carry Kaylie through the whole thing! So I was sweating to death through the whole thing! But it wasn't too bad until she fell asleep for the whole walk back and was like carrying dead weight. But overall the kids did great and it was so much fun to see! Just another fun year at Bear Lake!