Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Well, not much has been going on and I keep thinking that I should get on and blog but there really hasn't been much to actually write about. Things are going good. Derick is still pretty busy with work and all the IEPs he has to do but I think he is enjoying what he does (some days more than other I think!) My class has been good. They definitely have their good days and their bad days though. The good news is I only have four weeks and then I am on track break! And I also don't have school next Thursday or Friday for "fall recess"! Yeah!

For the past few months we Derick and his brothers and friends have been playing on a recreational softball team. It's been lots of fun to go and watch them play every Tuesday. And it's sad to say that now it is over. I won't mention what their record was but they sure tried! I'm going to miss going to the games now! What else is there to do on a Tuesday night???

Tonight Derick had his first parent teacher conferences so he was pretty much gone all night. It was kind of nice to make something for dinner that I like but know Derick will hate. It was also nice not to have to watch sports but watch my own shows. I can't wait until we move into our new place and have two tv's so that he can watch his sports and I can watch my girly shows! Even though I know Derick secretly likes watching some of my shows. Ok maybe the word "likes" is a bit much but I think he gets sucked in sometimes! LOL

Speaking of girly shows- tomorrow is the season premier of Grey's Anatomy! I am totally addicted! And so is everyone on my team at work. We are all going to Shelley's house to watch it amd eat yummy pizza. We have done this for the past three seasons and I love it. And now that I'm married it's definitely nice having a girls night!


Andrea said...

a girl's night sounds fun. Lucky for me jason actually likes greys anatomy so I can watch it. Well as long as its not interfering with a football game he wants to see. :) I bet you're ready to get into your own place. how much longer until it is finished?