Sunday, September 13, 2009

One month of fun!

Well today is officially our one month anniversary! Crazy! I can't believe it has already been a month since all the wedding craziness! Everything has been good with Derick and I. We've both settled into work and Derick seems to be enjoying it all. He's been pretty swamped with all the paperwork that comes with teaching, especially all of it that comes with opening a new school, getting new students, and being in special ed. Sometimes he seems overwhelmed and it makes me think back to my very first year of teaching and I don't miss that at all! My class has been good. I don't have any hellions or trouble makers, just a few low kids and of course some talkers but all in all they are pretty good and cute. I forget how low they are when they first come to first grade but they already seem to be making progress which is good! For the time being, Derick and I are living in Derick's parents' basement until our condo is done in October. We got to go pick out all of our carpet, appliances, and colors the other day. I can't wait to be able to move in and have our own home. As for everything else, our days have been filled with lots of camping and football. But I don't mind as long as I get to spend time with Derick. Today we are both feeling a little under the weather. I have a sore throat and am very tired and Derick has the same but he actually is running a fever and has it a little worse that me. I told him thats what happens when you are a teacher. You seem to get sick quite often. I'm sure his immune system will be pretty tough like mine soon! So yeah, we are spending our one month anniversary at home sick, sleeping, and watching football!


Andrea said...

glad you are doing good. I'm glad you're enjoying camping and football season. you're doing better than I am with football season.

Chelsea said...

Happy 1 month! The time sure goes fast. Since you are doing a lot of camping and watching football he needs to do something you like:) I used to watch a ton of sports with Jeff but now I just go off and do my own thing. You can only take so much, right?