Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer fun

K I know I have been so bad at blogging! Now I know how Brittany felt when I was home and she couldn't blog. Donny's been keeping me pretty busy! But it's been a lot of fun having him here. We've been off doing something almost everyday. And if we aren't out having fun, then we are at home glue to the TV watching the olympics! I love the summer olympics. Swimming has been awesome! As well as gymnastics! Any how- my summer vacation is now winding down and I have to start working officially on Friday! But it really has been a fun summer. And it sure has been action packed! One of my favorites was going to Yosemite with Mom, Britt, and Terry. We hiked about 3 miles up what they call "The Mist Trail" to the top of Vernal Falls. It was absolutely beautiful! Of course Brittany and I had fun taking pictures along the trail. There were some tough moments, especially with all those stone steps but I'm so glad we all made it to the top! I also had fun hanging out with Kristi and the kids! I am so glad we have webcams so that I can see how big they are all getting! Hayden is so adorable. I love his cute little smile! And Jonathan is going to be a little heartbreaker! It was so cute when Donny and I left and the girls were upset that Donny was leaving. They are getting so old! Now I can't wait for a few weeks when Terra and Dakota come to Salt Lake and I finally get to see the little guy! We all had fun playing the wii (boy that wii fit is intense!) and playing bochee ball. I even got a chance to practice snorkeling for my trip in October! LOL what can I say...I love going home to the family!
And now I get to have Donny here. We've been to the water park, played some B-Ball and tennis, and have hung out with the family! We had to come back to Utah a little bit early because I needed to speak at my cousin Tanner's baptism. Its always fun to hang out with our aunts,uncles, and cousins that we usually don't get to see. So like I said, it has been one fun filled summer!


Chelsea said...

I'm glad you had so much fun at home. I'm sure it will be nice having your brother in Utah with you. I always wish my family lived closer. Good luck with school!