Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I forgot to mention in my last post that I officially finished Breaking Dawn yesterday! I went back and reread the series to get me ready for the new book. And I loved it! Of course there were a few wierd parts for me but in the end I am so happy how it all ended! I don't want to give anything away for those of you who haven't read it yet (shame on you!) but I can definitely say that I bet this is the end of Bella's story and the beginning of another! So now I am looking forward to the Twilight movie! I was so worried that the actors wouldn't match the images I had created in my head while I read each book. I am still "iffy" about the actor who plays Edward especially after I saw the cover of Entertainment weekly! Take a look and tell me what you think...He just looks so much like a zombie or something. Too white, wierd color hair, and who ever pictured Edward Cullen as hairy??? And Bella looks amazing but much more like I would picture her in a different book! ;)


Jen said...

I just left a long comment, and it got lost. Dang Blogger. But this comment is going to contain spoilers.

To summarize--I agree, this book was good. Better than Eclipse. Slow in some parts, but at least things actually happened. Bella is better as a vampire, and I again liked whiny Jacob. And the movie doesn't look great, but I'll see it anyway. I agree about who they cast as Edward. But the casted Cullens look cool.

Kristi & Chris said... I saw a trailer of the movie (against my better judgement) and there was no black guy in the books I read.... I loved the book though!

The Schmidts said...

I agree Edward is definetly not hairy! EWWWWWW!!!!! But loved the book - think maybe she'll right about Nessie next?