Monday, February 04, 2008

Snow, Snow, and yes....more Snow!

So I totally thought that I was doing great with all this snow! Now, I'm not so sure! Sunday brought us a big surprise when we woke up. The surprise....about a foot and a half or more of snow in just a few hours! It took my roommate an hour and a half to just get it all off our ity bitty driveway! I couldn't even get my car out! Even church got cancelled! CRAZY! We've had record amounts here in Utah. Why did it have to happen my first winter here! The good thing though......the skiing is awesome!!


Anonymous said...

I didn't know you had a blog. Well, i am putting you under my friends right away, so i can keep track of what is going on with you. Although... i was hoping to see pictures of your cute first grade class and your classroom. Come on! Thanks for the comment. I am really excited. It is probally going to be in St. George, so maybe you will have to come on down!!

Jen said...

Holy crap. There's a reason I live in southern Nevada. That's insane. But I guess lots of snow is good in a drought.

And I love that picture of the rose at the top of your blog. If you took that you're me hero.