Friday, December 16, 2011

Tis the season

Wow- tis the season for craziness! We have been super busy getting everything ready for Christmas. I can't believe it is in 9 days! I've gotten all of my Christmas shopping for family done and shipped! But now I am on a hunt for Derick's presents! And boy am I stumped! He's a tough one to shop for! It's also hard getting things for Kaylie. What do you buy a 5 week old? :) LOL it will be a fun Christmas this year! We've also been super busy with Christmas parties! It seems like for the next week we have one party after another! It will be fun and nice to actually get out of the house and hang out with adults! Last night I went to our annual gingerbread house making party with the girls from work (past and present!) It was fun to see them all and catch up and of course show off Kaylie!
Kaylie is getting so big! She now weighs about 11 pounds and is changing so much. She is getting too long for her newborn onesies. Yes I said too long. Hopefully she got daddy's genes and will be a tall little bugger! Now that the snow is coming I've been trying to keep her warm and pulled out her cute moccasins that Aunt Terra gave her! So cute! And it's good that they go up high because her pants are all too short!

She's been such a good baby during the day but has a hard time at night. She drives Derick crazy with the noises she makes all night night long! The other day her swing ran out of batteries so I put her right next to me on the couch while I pumped. My pillow was there so I proped her up on it and she instantly fell asleep which never happens! She seems to love it! Too bad i can't put a pillow in her crib with her! I think she just loves to be near people and that helps her sleep. She has been eating from the bottle really well and has been better about not spitting up. Once in a while I will try to nurse her to see if she wont spit it up anymore but that always backfires. She eats well but afterwards she just spits up like crazy. No clue why! But I still keep hoping that would pass cause all this pumping is starting to drive me crazy! I can tell my milk supply is having a hard time keeping up with her but not sure if I should start taking something to help increase it again. So for the time being i am still pumping like crazy cause I refuse to buy formula! But she is starting to look around more and recoginzes momma and loves to cuddle with me! Probably cause daddy always rubs his scruffy face against her to bug her! I've also tried to have Derick get up with her more during the night to get prepared for when I too have to go to work! I think he hates me! LOL but he does a good job with her! But she can sure be a stinker sometimes!


Meg said...

Love the pictures and the updates. She is such a beautiful baby! We need to get together again before you go back to work. Maybe the week after C-mas.