Friday, December 02, 2011

Kaylie Girl

I can't believe Kaylie is already 3 1/2 weeks old. She is already changing so much! I'm not sure how much she weighs now cause we don't have a scale but she is definitely getting a tummy! She has already grown 1 1/2 inches in length and still has such long arms and legs! He poor pants fit around the belly but not in the legs! We also measured her head which is 14 inches around which means she has a pretty big melon as Derick would say! We've been giving her some tummy time each day because she is quite the "flop"er and she doesn't mind it for a few minutes and then she starts kicking her legs. Then she gets up on her knees and sticks her bum in the air! She still fits in her newborn onesies and couple of 0-3 month things but those are often huge on her. We've been keeping the little mittens on her hands since she loves to have her hands out of the blankets and I was worried her hands would freeze but now she wiggles out of them! She has a little sleeper with the mittens that fold over on it and the other dayshe had her thumbs sticking out on both hands. Then the next day she had her whole right hand out of it! So needless to say we are about done with the mittens! This week I have been trying to keep Kaylie awake more during the day so that she could sleep well at night. She still takes a few naps and absolutely loves her swing. I also had to buck up and have her start sleeping in her own room in her big girl bed! And she did great! The first time I stuck her in there she loved it! She has been sleeping with a fluffy blanket that she loves to be snuggled in and then she falls asleep so fast! She also loves sleeping on her side and if she ends up on her back, she flops her hands in the air and stretches her legs out! She must have been so cramped in my stomach cause now all she loves to do is stretch out! One thing she does that I love is when she first starts to fall asleep she gives a tiny smile and then giggles and then she is out cold! She is also learning to use her voice and like her mom, she cries when she is really worn out and wants to sleep! She also hates to be naked but loves to sit in the warm bath water! We are still working on the whole eating thing. Sometimes she finishes and is full in 10 minutes and other times she likes to sit and suck for 40 minutes! At night she often sleeps for 4 hours straight before waking up to eat again. Now that she is gaining weight I've been doing a lot more of "feeding on demand" and she definitely lets me know when she is hungry! Although our 3 am feeding is rough! This morning she wanted to eat for a few minutes and then refused to sleep or eat. So needless to say daddy was up trying to get her to sleep. Then around 5 she decided she was hungry and then passed out for the rest of the night! This girl definitely throughs me for a loop. One day she does great, and the next day she switches it up! I promise I'll get better at this! LOL But I love her anyway! Next week we are going to meet some people who might be watching Kaylie when I go back to work. I'm a little nervous about finding someone good and leaving her all day! Sorry for such a long blog but of course I have to share all the things I love about this girl!


Chelsea said...

Oh I wish I could see her and hold her! She sure is cute! I'm sure you are lovin being a mommy:)

The Schofield Family said...

I get to see you this week!!!!!!
Happy early Merry Christmas to me!!!

Chelsea said...

I just blog-stalked you from Lindy's blog. :) Congratulations! Kailey is beautiful! She looked amazing even from the first minute!
What a doll.

Cole Family said...

She is adorable! Congrats! I had a normal birth with Benson and an emergency c-section with Berklee. I would hands down pick a c-section! I was surprised at how well I felt after too. Congrats again!