Saturday, July 09, 2011

Trip to the Aquarium

Friday we were invited to go to the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy with our friends Brian, Carli, and their little girl Molly. Derick had never been to an aquarium and it's been a few years for me to go there so we were excited to go. Me especially 'cause I really wanted to see the penguins!

Here's a good belly shot for everyone! Yes it's getting big!
Derick touching the sting rays. One almost came over the edge and got me!

All you who know me know I love the turtles!

The penguins! They were so fun jumping in and out of the water! Derick says I like them because I waddle like them now! Which is soooo true some days!

Derick with the Emperor penguin and it's chick! Soon to be Derick and our little girl!

Overall it was really fun to see the animals. We joke that it was our first trip out with our little one (yes she still has no name so that's what we call her). Next week we go to Bear Lake and I hope I can make it through the heat! I plan on lots of time by the lake in the water and the shade! Wish me luck! Also Monday is my first baby shower which I am way excited for!


Kristi Williquette said...

He's never been to an aquarium?? WOW good thing you took him!

Ben and Misty said...

Love the baby bump!!