Saturday, July 09, 2011

The Nursery

Well I must have hit that "nesting" stage that everyone talks about! Cause I seem to spend all my time doing something for this little girl and I still have 3 1/2 months left! I love putting together her room. It was fun to pick out her crib and bedding. Derick ended up picking this cute bedding which turned out so cute! The crib did give us a bit of a struggle but it's finally up and ready for her.

I have also been completing a lot of projects for her room. One thing I did was paint a shelf brown and now I want to get some picture frames and hang them from the shelf with ribbon. I also got some cute clips from one of my student's mom so I wanted to make something to hold them and put on her dresser. I did this one with an old frame painted white and some ribbon and cute bird paper. It turned out cute. Now I want to make one that can hold ribbons and bows and clips. Misty yours is way cute so now you have to teach me how you did it!

With flower clips
Without any clips

We also decided not to paint her room yet. I guess I just couldn't decide on a color that I like to put all over the walls. I would have liked to put some beadboard or moldings on the bottom half of the wall but boy that can get pricey so I found this cute tree with blossoms to put on her wall and it turned out great!

So all in all I am so happy to get all of this done but now it makes me want this little girl to get here fast! I don't know if I can make it through the summer! The last thing we are waiting for is her dresser and then Derick is lucky enough to put it together! Hopefully it goes a lot smoother than the crib! I also have some cute wooden birds to paint and finish! So I will post more pictures when her room is all done!


Kristi Williquette said...

Like the tree! it looks like you guys are all set!