Thursday, June 03, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Derick and I had a fun Memorial Day weekend. Saturday morning we headed for Manti to do a little camping with Derick's brothers. We stayed at the Temple Hill Campgrounds which was amazing to have a view of the temple everyday! Saturday we ate at the Malt Shop (which Derick knew I've been wanting a shake from) and took a drive up the canyon. We didn't make it too far thanks to all the snow but we had fun going through the mud and shooting the guns! Sunday we headed to the Palisades campground where there is a nice lake. Lindy and Justin rented a paddle boat which was fun to take Cooper out on!
He loved trying to fish with Derick (yes while I was the one doing the work!) I love being outside in the sun! I am so glad it is summer! Finally! And it better stay this way for a long time! We spent a lot of time sitting out around the campfire, talking, and eating!
Monday we packed up and headed over to Manti High so the boys could play tennis with their cousin Steven. And what we found was perfect for us girls and the kids! It was a nice pool. Complete with kid area, whirl pool, and water slide, and not to mention the water was a nice 84 degrees! It was the first day opening so we pulled out the suits and jumped right in! It was fun to take Cooper down the slide and see Ava kicking in the water!
We went to Derick's parents' house that night and had a BBQ. Everyone started playing a little backyard whiffle ball which turned into boys against girls. Which ended up with Justin hitting the ball over the neighbor's fence a few times! All in all it was a way fun weekend! (Sorry for the lack of real pictures! I'll try to be better this summer!)