Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wedding Bliss

Sorry i've been out of touch a bit lately! And I know everyone is dying to see wedding pictures. I will post everything i've gotten lately from people but we haven't gotten our temple ones back from the photographer yet, but as soon as I get some you will all know! Well everything went well with the wedding. We were a little sad that everything didn't work out to get married in the temple on the 7th but we still had fun taking pictures that day and we definitely had fun with everyone at our reception! My flowers turned out beautiful and even the table cloths and cupcakes were great! We were a little concerned about rain and it almost rained us out of the reception but thank goodness it cleared up and we didn't have a problem with too much heat! Derick and I had fun seeing everyone and talking to all our family and friends. Then we were super excited when we got our letter the next week. It worked out for us to go to the temple Thursday night, August 13th. It was actually really nice not to have to worry about setting up and getting to a reception. We had a beautiful sealing with those family and friends who could make it. (and missed those who couldn't be there) We had fun taking pictures afterwards and there was even a beautiful rainbow outside afterwards. Then we headed to the hotel. Sadly, Derick and I both had to get up early the next day and go to work. But overall we had a fun reception and wedding and are enjoying our first week of marriage! Thanks everyone who supported us through it all! Derick and I love you!