Monday, August 31, 2009

Camping fun

So if any of you know my husband Derick, then you know that we will definitely be spending a lot of weekends camping during our marriage! Yes, I have always loved camping and we often went when we were kids. I love sleeping in a tent, the sounds of nature, waking up whenever you feel like it, lounging around all day outside, going for hikes, playing games, and sitting around the campfire are just a few of my favorite things about camping. Derick and I have gone camping quite a lot since we first started dating. I love that he goes with his brothers and extended family and is so excited when we do it. This weekend we headed down south and camped out with Derick's brother Devin and friend Kyle. Derick's main reason to go was to hunt deer. So I told him to go out while I set up the tent! I love setting up our tent. It's so easy. It's all color coded and just clips on. I hate those dang tents where you have to shove the bendy poles into the pockets and hope that it all turns out right. So I was pretty proud of myself to do it and thought "This is going to be a good weekend!" Well thats when it started. I tried to put on the rain flap, but the tent was too tall for me to do it alone. I tried to start a fire but the matches were locked in the car (keys were with Derick) and then I smashed my finger inside the folding table, the kind where the legs push open, yep thats right where my finger decided to land! That night we tried to play rook. But the batteries in the flash light died. (don't worry we still beat Devin and Kyle) and then I got really bad allergies. The kind where when you go to lay down you absolutely, no matter how hard you try, can't breathe! The kind where your eyes itch so badly they swell up. The kind where your nose is rubbed so much from blowing your nose that it hurts. Yep, no matter how much I love camping, I definitely was ready to come home! And don't worry, guess where we are going this weekend??? Yep, camping! but this time I'll be prepared with allergy medicine and those soft tissues that have the lotion in them! Wish me luck!


Chris and Kristi said...

You guys shuld just sleep in a tent full time with how much you go camping!