Sunday, March 15, 2009


I don't know how many of you know about the show on HBO called "Big love" but it is supposedly about a fictional modern day polygamist family who lives here in Utah. When the show first game out the makers said that they aren't really talking about "the Mormons". Well tonight they are airing an episode that supposedly takes viewers through an LDS temple. They've said that they are going to be showing the endowment session and the celestial room. They've hired and ex-mormon to help them build scenes and to tell them exactly what happens during these sacred rituals. Anyone can go through a temple during time that a temple is having an open house before its dedicated. Here they can see each of the rooms and signs are posted throughout explaining what happens in each room. However, like most other faiths, the temple is a place reserved for sacred worship. Having been able to go through the temple myself for the past few years I can honestly say that there is nothing shocking, weird, or inappropriate that takes place. I am interested to see how this HBO show portrays these rituals and the story line that would allow a polygamist to go to the temple. However, I will not be watching the episode. The funny thing is, they are showing this episode in hopes that their ratings will improve. So I hope others will put aside their curiosity and not watch the show.  

Well, then this morning while on the internet I came across a few pictures and websites where people have been talking about this whole thing. The worst website that I came across was a site where people were talking about their bad experiences in the temple. I was mortified about how people were talking about going and not understanding what was happening or that it was simply boring so they never went back. I can't even put into words how I felt as I was reading the reasons these people had for leaving the church. I honestly believe the people that spread these rumors about weird or inappropriate things that happen inside the temple, simply don't understand LDS doctrine. I don't believe they were ready or prepared to go through the temple. Not because anything is shocking or scary but because I don't think they were prepared or at a place in their life where they are ready to incorporate the blessings that going to the temple brings into someone's life. I have felt the spirit multiple times in the temple. I know the things that we promise our Heavenly Father in the temple are sacred to my life. I have spent many hours in the celestial room feeling embraced by the love Christ has for me. It was sad to read that someone went through the temple once and never felt that love or the spirit and turned away from the church and never went back. I feel bad for these people. I am thankful that this controversy has come up because it has made me truly think about the blessings that the temple has brought to my life. I am thankful that I know and have felt my Heavenly Father's love and I know that this is His true church. One silly show, not commissioned by God, is not going to make me outraged or change my mind. It will however, make my glad that I am a part of this church and one of His "peculiar people." 


Chelsea said...

Wow, I hadn't heard anything about that. Anyway, Brittany Ellis just found me on facebook and we just chatted for a bit. I told her to look you up. I haven't talked to her in forever.