Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Check-Ups and 100th day of School

Today was a big day. First off, it was our 100th day of school! Yes I know, a pretty lame thing to be celebrating but belive me it is a huge accomplishment (especially for the teacher) to know that you've made it through 100 days with these "wonderful" little tikes! And now we only have about 60-70 days left of school! Thanks goodness! LOL But it really is a fun day. We wear fun 100's day glasses, bring in collections of 100 things, and basically lots of activities having to do got it 100! The kids end up having fun and the poor teacher goes home exhausted. ha ha what's new about that?? LOL After school I also went to the eye doctor for...can you believe it... my 1 month LASIK check-up! I can't believe it's already been a month! Boy does time fly. But all in all my eyes are doing great. I can see 20/20 but my eyes still need about 2 months to heal completely. I can see just fine but have a bit of trouble with lights. I still see halos and starbursts arounds some lights, especially at night. But the doctor says that should start going away as my eyes heal more. (HOPEFULLY) But all in all, everything is great!! Happy 100th day everyone!