Thursday, December 18, 2008

One of "Those" Days!

So I know you all know what I am talking about when I say that it has been one of "those" days! I could have guess it would turn out like this by this morning. You know, the morning when you change outfits a few times and don't like the way you look but better get going or you'll be late for wor. Yep that was this morning. Work was ok except for the fact that it was an all inside day for the kids because of snow and how cold it was outside. For all of those who don't know that means the kids come right inside in the morning and have to stay in for recess and lunch! Then just through in a few kids who got sent to office, phone calls from parents complaining about other kids, and a few phone calls/notes home! Well if you thought that was bad just wait, it only gets better! Tonight we also had our ward christmas party. I was in charge of cooking a bag of potatoes (which luckily I had cooked the night before) and getting the ham. I rushed home from school to get everything. I literally left everything in the car and ran inside. Well, in my rush to get the potatoes out to the car and talking on the phone, I (out of habit) turned the lock on the door and shut it! Yes you guess it, my car keys, house keys, everything, was in the house. I was locked out! Thank goodness I had put on shoes (thank you snow!)my coat and scarf, and I had my phone! Thankfully the sweet girl who is head of my activities committee was able to come get me (and my potatoes) and go get the ham. I totally made her late and felt like an idiot! We went to the party (which luckily went off without a hitch) and my roommate came and took me home to get my keys! I also had to go to Walmart and get marshmallows for my class tomorrow and stuff for Sarah's baptism! Crazy Crazy! I am so glad today is over! Keep your fingers crossed that tomorrow is not one of "those" days!