Thursday, July 24, 2008

Handmade by ME!

So before I left for California I decided to make some aprons for my nieces Sarah and Miranda.(and I was really bored) Well, they turned out way cuter than I thought they would. And the girls looked so cute in them. I also made one for my mom and Kristi (told you I was bored). And then I experimented a bit and made one for me to wear in the classroom! (I got kinda sick of having my nice clothes ruined from the kids' little hands). And even that turned out pretty good. I was very proud of myself, since this was my first time even attempting to sew something other than a blanket! Now that I know what I can do and how easy it can be, maybe my next ones will turn out even better! I also made little Jonathan his baby blanket. (Kind of a thing I have done for all my neices and nephews.) It too turned out way cute. I have to say I am definitely getting better at crocheting! Poor Hayden who had to get my first attempt at a crocheted baby blanket! Maybe by the time I have my own kids, my skills will be ten times better and their blankets will be cute too! HUm...Now that I've written this blog, it makes me think about just how much time I have on my hands! :)


Kristi & Chris said...

The girls love these. They even wear them when they are setting the table!