Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Fourth of July

So last week was the fourth of July. And I have to say that my holiday lasted more than one day. It started on the third with a party at Jodi's parents house in Bountiful. Her parents have an amazing house right on the golf course. There were tons of her family and parents' friends there. We ate some great food, played games, and watched an amazing fireworks show! The fireworks were shot off right by where we were so they were HUGE! And I couldn't believe how low they were letting them off. One even lit the hill next to us on fire in a few spots! Crazy. Then I had to fight crazy traffic and went down to Farmington to Aunt Kim's house. Its nice to be close to family during the holidays when I can't be with my mom and siblings. Well needless to say I planned on staying for one day but it turned into four! On the Fourth, we went to the Centerville parade and somehow managed to gather tons of candy! I was so disappointed though because all they threw was taffy! Oh well! Then we hung out, played Uno out on the deck, and then went to see the movie Hancock. Which actually wasn't too bad. Then we barbecued and played some more Uno. It was nice to have someone to play games with. Which is totally what we would have been doing if I was at home in California! Then we went and watched the fireworks that Lagoon was doing and had rootbeer floats. Overall it was a nice, traditional fourth! But don't worry we also did our own fireworks at Kim's house the next day. So it was a great weekend with lots of fun and family and definitely fireworks! But I sure did miss my family!

Other than that, not much has been going on these last few days since I've been done with school. I pretty much sleep in, go to the pool, and have been trying to complete a few projects that I haven't gotten to in a while! Over the next few days I am trying to write my lesson for Relief Society, get some things for linger longer (also on Sunday), put together a hand out and presentation for my school meetings next week, finish a baby blanket, get some stuff ready for the beginning of the year, and get ready to go to California! (now that last one I am REALLY excited about!)

So while I have been home a lot these past few days I have been experimenting with recipes. And yesterday was so hot that I was craving sherbert. So I made "Raspberry Summer Sensation". And mmmm it sure turned out yummy!