Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Check out what we've been up to in 2013!

Well I am finally posting after about 9 months! I don't know if anyone even checks this anymore but I thought it would be fun to share some pictures from the past 9 months since Kaylie turned 1! She has changed so much and so much has happened. So bare with me through all the pictures but I thought it would be better than a really long post of me just typing! Plus my sister Terra said I really needed to post pictures so this is for you Terra!

First off, christmas (see told you it's been a long time!) This year was a lot more fun for Kaylie. She loved Santa and loved opening presents! Kaylie on Christmas morning! She got tons of presents of course including a farm animal set because she loves animals!

  Kaylie on her cute car from aunt Kristi! (Now she zooms all over on it but looks so big on it because her legs are so long!)Kaylie eating like a big girl! She loves all kinds of food but tends to hold it in her checks like a chipmunk! She loves peas and mandarin oranges, hot dogs, cheese-oh she loves cheese, Go-Gurt, and her new favorite-popsicles!

  Easter came next for our family and Kaylie loved going to her Great Grandparent's house for an Easter Egg hunt.  Here's Kaylie with Grandma Milne and her cousin Emma!
 Kaylie loved her Easter basket which of course included books, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and you can't go wrong with a chocolate bunny like the one we always got as kids. She loved to find the eggs hidden around the house. She was finally getting the hang of putting things in her basket. She would hold on to one egg until she found another one! Reminded me of last year when we were in Arizona for Easter with the rest of my family. I miss them tons!
 Yet another Easter Egg hunt at Great Grandma Milne's House. I think this is when she got her addiction to candy! Now she calls everything sweet- "treats" and who can turn her down when she says "treats please"?
 Kaylie riding on the motorcycle with her Uncle Justin! Yes no fear!
Cute girl of course in her Sunday dress from Grandma Tawni!

For the past couple of years we have gone to Manti for the Memorial Day weekend. Kaylie loved camping and did so good! We stayed at the Palisades campgrounds right by the lake and it was perfect weather! We played with cousins, went to the beach/lake, rode on the paddle boat, played in the dirt, touched fish, drove up the canyon, rode the motorcycles, and went to the Manti city pool for some fun! Now we can't wait for the bow hunt in August!

 First thing we did to kick off the summer was head to the Zoo! I was so excited to take Kaylie since she loves animals. We invited the cousins and of course Grandma and Grandpa Milne. I was so excited that the animals were all out and of course there were some adorable babies! Kaylie loved the elephants and seeing the seals swim under the water. She was fascinated. She also loved the giraffes and would not leave the monkeys!
   Kaylie had a lot of fun spending time together in June since Derick is done with work. But sadly she will be done with her babysitter Denise. Kaylie has been going there since she was 2 months old and absolutely loved her and her family. We found a new sitter out by us and that will be a new adventure in August!
 Feels like the Fourth of July was such a long time ago! Even though Kaylie got to do a lot of the holidays last year, she was so young that she was either asleep most of the time or too young to understand. So this year it has been so fun to celebrate. We had lots of fun playing with the family and of course doing fireworks. Kaylie slept through it all last year so I was nervous to see how she would do. Overall she wasn't scared but would just sit there like she was so unimpressed! One this she did love was sitting in the baby stroller and having dad wheel her down the hall as fast as she could go!

 Our big vacation every year is Bear Lake with Derick's family. I look forward to this every year. Derick has gone every year (minus 2 while on his mission) since he was born. I look forward to carrying on this tradition with our kids for many more years to come. We have so much fun going to the beach, playing at the pool, eating ice cream and playing mini golf, and just spending time with our family.

 These three girls were inseperable. I love seeing Kaylie play with her cousins and hope they are the best of friends for a long time!

 Kaylie loved playing in the sand at the beach. She would look back at us and just smile and wave! Love this cute girl! We also noticed that the Milne side of our family has had quite the baby girl trend lately. For the past six years there have been 9 girl cousins born. Izzie, Hailey, Ava, Kendall, Isla, Kaylie, Emma, and Daisey and Emory. So of course we had to get a picture with all these cute girls and Great Grandma Milne. (We are hoping that Karen's baby will be a boy and start the boy trend!)
  We just got back from Bear Lake a few days ago and it feels nice to be home. Derick and I are lucky to have about 3 more weeks off of work to spend with Kaylie and family. Over the past month Derick has had 3 grandparents have stents put into their hearts. Grandma Milne even had a small heart attack! Luckily Grandpa Brent and Grandma Milne are doing well. Grandpa Gabbitas is in for a little longer road to recovery. He has been also having mini strokes for a while now and his body has been greatly affected. We got to visit with him for a little bit on Saturday but he's definitely not the same. It made us realize that our Grandparents are getting older and we want Kaylie to spend every minute she can getting to know her great grandparents. Our prayers are with Grandpa Gabbitas. Kaylie also took a spill and fell off the counter and got a pretty good goose egg and bruise. Luckily it wasn't anyting major but let's hope this is the end of all these bad things happening to our loved ones.


Josh and Terra Schmidt said...

I love the picture of her goose egg... well not the goose egg but she looks so beautiful and peaceful!! She is growing up to fast and is so adorable! thanks for putting some more pictures of her up ;) Love you!

The Barbers said...

Such a cute family Sheryl!!

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