Thursday, May 17, 2012

6 Months Already

 I can't believe that 6 months ago I gave birth to this amazing little girl! She is one of the best things that has happened to us! She is growing like a weed and has such a funny personality. The picture with the bear is the only one I could get without her attacking it!
Here are her 6 month stats:
Height: 26.5 inches-77th percentile
Weight: 17 lbs-70th percentile
Head: 44cm- 84th percentile
Clothes size: some 3-6 months but mostly 6 months
(But her pants are all getting too short!)

She did so good with her 6 month shots. She absolutely loves the one that you drink and didn't even cry for the first one. Then when the second one came she cried for a few seconds and was done! I guess they probably feel a lot better than those IVs. I also can't believe how tall she is. I can already mark her height on the growth chart!

 She is able to do so much now! She loves to bounce in her exersaucer and bounces even when she isn't in that thing now! Everyone says she is so squirmy! She loves to reach for things with both hands now including her doll (which she loves to eat!) and anyone's face! Then she just slobbers all over you! I also love that she doesn't need a pacifier! She is so calm and hardly cries. I'm glad she's finally feeling better. I still think she has a little allergies but we'll see as she gets older!

She also loves to roll now. But only when she wants to. The other day I had some plastic bags by the door and she rolled 4 or 5 times so she could get over to them. Which then she got her arm and leg stuck in the handles! Silly girl! She will also roll all the way to me if I sit anywhere on the floor! She is also becoming a great sitter! She still will flop once in a while!

She has also recently found her toes! She loves to grab them and eat them! She likes to sit in her swing and wiggle all the way down so she can either grab her toes or touch the ground! She also smiles all the time! And gabs and gabs! Sometimes it sounds like she is singing with all the gabbing she does! Fingers crossed she says mama first! LOL

 She is so good at getting her head up now so she is doing much better eating solids. She loves oatmeal, peaches, green beans, rice cereal with apples, bananas, and mangoes. We have recently switched to formula and she is such a little grazer. She sure does like to take her time eating a bottle sometimes and then other times she will gobble it down in no time! She is also such a good sleeper! She still sleeps through the night and goes down with no problems. By 8:00 she knows it's bedtime and zonks right out!  I know I only seem to blog when Kaylie gets a month older but there is always so much going on that it's hard to find the time. Next weekend we are headed to Manti for our annual Memorial Day camping trip. I can't wait to see how Kaylie does. This will be a good test for the bow hunt I think! I am also excited to take her swimming. Our pool opens that weekend too and think she will just love the water! So many fun things coming up!


Ben and Misty said...

Holy Cow she has almost caught up to Aspen in weight! Haha! Aspen is just too skinny! She looks so cute and getting so grown up!

Meg said...

she's so cute! Cash and I want to come swimming with you when you're off track:)