Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Hospital visit

We've had a pretty intense week and it's only Wednesday! Kaylie has been sick for about 3 1/2 weeks now. It started off with a stuffy nose and Flem in her throat. Of course I called the nurse at the pediatrician's office and she said that it could be a cold or normal congestion for a baby. She recommended saline drops, a humidifier, and sleeping upright. We did all those things and it seems to clear up a little bit. The whole time she was such a happy baby so it didn't seem like she was sick. But then it came back with avengence. After 2 weeks with it I felt like I needed to take her to the doctor to make sure she was ok. They found that she had a small ear infection in her left ear and we started giving her amoxacilin. After a week of that (still a happy baby though) she got a small cough. At first I thought she was just trying to clear her throat and then she got worse. So once again I took her into the doctor and they said that she had RSV. YUCK! That was the worst thing I wanted to hear. Cause thats all you hear about when you first have a baby and how you hope they don't get it. The doctor gave her a breathing treatment at the office but he said that only 10-15% of kids respond to the treatments. He listened to her lungs and said he didn't think she would respond. He sent us home with a prescription to the respiratory clinic at the hospital if she needed to be suctioned out but that was all we could do for her besides everything we were already doing. Well Saturday night she actually started to get fussy and was having a hard time breathing and sleeping. Over the passed few days I noticed her eating had gone down as well as her wet diapers. She was also very sleepy and lethargic on Saturday so I knew something was up. After spitting up her food and LOTS of mucus. We decided to take her to the respiratory clinic at the hospital. We thought they would just suction her and check her and send us home. Oh no! They suctioned soooo much out of her and her oxygen levels were really low so they decided to admit us to the hospital right then. They immediately put her on oxygen and sent us to the Peds wing. So far I was doing alright but when they took her into the treatment room and started her on an IV I lost it. They poked her about 6 times and there was lots of blood spilt before they finally called NICU and had them come down to try to get it in. She was crying and kicking so hard that by that time she had no fight left in her and they got it in no problem. It was so sad.

They took some blood and chest x-rays and found out that her white blood cells we very high. Which means that she had some kind of infection in her blood that her body was trying to fight off. They thought it might have been pnemonia but her x-rays came back normal and didn't have anything in her lungs. Later we found out that she came back RSV positive as well as positive for the Rhinovirus so each one alone and she probably wouldn't have had to go to the hospital but together it was just too much for her little body. They added some antibiodics to her IV to help fight the infection. At this point she was hooked up to so many things it was hard to just hold her. She finally got use to it all and even loved her little crib. She loved to lay there and watch cartoons. It was funny cause every nurse that came in asked the same question. Is she really 3 months? She looks like she could be 6-9 months old! And all I would say is yes she is my big girl. And she was such a brave girl! She hated to be suctioned out and afterwards she would just lay there and sleep for hours!She looked to cute in her little hospital gown and started to feel better on Tuesday. She was sleeping through the night again and only had to be suctioned a few times. She struggled to breathe room air mostly when sleeping so they decided it was ok to go home but we would need to have her on oxygen for a while. It was so nice to finally have the IV removed and she started to perk up and be her happy self! I hated seeing her in the hospital and it was so good to get home. Today she was such a happy baby. She wasn't very stuffed up and was only on oxygen when asleep. Tomorrow we go back to the pediatrician to follow up and hopefully he says she's doing better and might not need the oxygen at all or much longer. thanks everyone for you prayers on kaylie's behalf and for the meals that our ward and friends have brought us. We love you all!