Thursday, November 17, 2011

Love This Girl!

This past week and a half have been filled to the max! But I love spending time with this little girl! Everyday I learn something new about her. And now that the jaundice is going down she is showing her personality a little more each day. Here are a few things I love and have learned about this sweet girl...She has long arms, legs, fingers, and feet! And they are so skinny!

She is the 50% percentile for weight and is working on getting back to her birth weight.

Her newborn pants are huge on her and she loves to kick off her socks! Kaylie hates to be swaddled at night! She fights so bad to get her hands and legs free.

We got some mittens to wear at night so her hands don't get too cold!

She is a good sleeper and so far has done well in her pack n play all by herself!

She would sleep through the night probably if I didn't get her up to feed!

And boy is it a fight sometimes for her to wake up and eat!

She loves her bows! Ok maybe mommy likes her bows! But she looks so darling in them!
She both hates and loves bath time! She hates to get cold but she loves the warm water on her feet!

When she her jaundice levels were high it was a rarity to see he with her eyes open.

She has beautiful eyes and loves to look around.

I love it when she is nursing and just stares and me.
Sometimes she gets this grumpy/what are you doing? look on her face!


The Schofield Family said...

She just keeps getting cuter and cuter if that's at all possible!!! LOVE the pictures! Can't wait to come see her next week with Nicki!

Kristi Williquette said...

LOVE seeing her eyes open!! Hopefully they stay blue against her dark hair! (although I doubt it! LOL)